5 Dress Shoes for Standing All Day - [No Tired Feet] (2022)

Let’s not beat around the bush: most “comfort” dress shoes are plain ugly. If you’re looking for dress shoes that are comfortable and easy on the eyes, we’ve done the digging for you. There are lots of footwear choices out there but what are the best dress shoes for standing all day? Our team put together this article to answer that question and provide you with tips to stay comfortable during a long day in dress shoes.

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Top Picks: Dress Shoes for Men on their Feet
Dress Socks for Standing All Day
Other Tips to Keep You Comfortable

Best Dress Shoes for Standing and Walking

Whether you’re a trader standing on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange or a hospitality worker serving customers all day, plenty of professional men are on their feet all day long. These are our picks for the best men’s dress shoes for standing all day:

Citytray Cap-Toe by ECCO

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ECCO has long been a major player in the “comfort” shoe category and the Citytray cap-toe is their most classic looking dress shoe. If you need a black dress shoe for standing all day, opt for these. They also offer a waterproof version constructed from GORE-TEX that would be ideal for rainy days or damp work environments. $180 from Zappos.

Park Avenue Sneaker by Allen Edmonds

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The Park Avenue Sneaker is my top pick for walking dress shoes. If your work environment is not too formal you might be able to get away with wearing dress sneakers, a more casual shoe consisting of a leather dress shoe upper and a cushioned sneaker sole. I spend a lot of time walking on concrete and always find myself reaching for these Park Avenue Sneakers when I know I’ll be on my feet all day. $295 from Allen Edmonds.

The Original by Amberjack

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Amberjack’s The Original is another great option if your profession allows you to wear hybrid dress shoes. While it may not be ideal for the most formal situations, it packs plenty of comfort and comes in many different colorways. The most formal version would be the “Obsidian” color which has a black upper and a black sole. $179 from Amberjack.

Strandmok by Allen Edmonds

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The Strandmok from Allen Edmonds has two comfort-focused features that help make them a great dress shoe for standing all day. First, they have a cork-filled footbed for cushioning that over time molds to your foot for a custom-like fit. These American made dress shoes also have a rubber Dainite sole that further enhances your comfort. $395 from Allen Edmonds.

Total Motion Office Cap-Toe by Rockport

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Rockport is another brand that has long been a major player in the comfort shoe category. Their Total Motion Office dress shoe is a classic looking cap-toe that will be appropriate in just about any setting. With ample padding and cushioning throughout, these are good dress shoes for standing all day. $175 from Rockport.

Dress Socks for Standing All Day

Now that we’ve covered the shoes you should be wearing, what type of socks are you wearing? If you’re not wearing over the calf dress socks, that could be a contributing factor to any swelling or fatigue in your feet and legs.

So what makes over the calf socks ideal for men standing in dress shoes all day? Two things:

Slight Compression

Over the calf dress socks naturally have a slight amount of compression to them which helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling, making them perfect for working professionals on their feet all day. If you suffer from severe swelling or pain, you should look into medical grade compression socks which Boardroom Socks does not offer at this time.

Stay Up All Day

When it comes to hosiery, is anything more annoying than constantly having to pull up your sagging dress socks? Over the calf dress socks stay up all day and eliminate the hassle of bending over to adjust your socks.

Shop Over the Calf Socks

Other Tips to Keep You Comfortable

If you’re standing all day in dress shoes, starting with good shoes and socks are the most important first steps in staying comfortable. From there, we have a few more recommendations to reduce pain, discomfort and swelling:

Elevate Your Feet

During a break or once you get home, be sure to put your feet up. Elevating your feet helps to ease the swelling caused from standing all day. For best results, ensure your feet are higher than your heart and keep them elevated for at least 15 minutes.

Avoid Loafers

Men’s loafers typically have a very thin leather sole and offer little in the way of cushioning. For this reason, you should plan to avoid them if your day’s agenda includes plenty of walking or standing. Instead, look for shoes that feature a cork footbed or a cushioned sole such as the ones mentioned above.

Take Care of Your Dress Shoes

Properly caring for your dress shoes is critical to ensure that they are able to care for you. Be sure to rotate your dress shoes so that the same pair does not get worn for several days in a row. When they are not in use, always keep cedar shoe trees in them as well. These two simple steps will help your shoes retain their shape and optimal performance.

Stay Active

The reason why your feet and lower legs tend to swell is simply because of gravity. Blood flows down your body toward your feet but then has a hard time traveling back up your body. Moving or stretching whenever possible will help to promote circulation, easing swelling and pain. A simple yet effective stretch is the standing quad stretch.

Wear Orthotics

If even after purchasing a quality pair of walking dress shoes and following the above suggestions you still find yourself suffering from pain and swelling, you may want to visit a podiatrist. A foot health professional may have additional tips and will be able to help outfit you with a custom orthotic. Orthotics are designed to ensure your body remains in the correct anatomical position, reducing discomfort.

Shop Boardroom Socks

What’s Next?

That’s a wrap! Whether you’re walking or standing all day in dress shoes, I hope this article helps keep you comfortable. Be sure to explore some of our other articles below:

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