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For guys who work in a job that requires you to stand all day, the struggle to find decent shoes is real! So many men’s dress shoes are stiff, clunky, and unsupportive, but nobody wants to be stuck in ugly orthotics. We’ve come to the rescue, and gone on a hunt for the best men’s shoes that feel as good as they look–even when you’re in them for 8 hours at a time!

We’ve put together a list of all our favorite styles for men who need to be on their feet. There’s something for everyone here, from traditional oxfords to funky clogs and snazzy sneakers. Check out our in-depth reviews of each pair below, along with our buying guide to helping you find your ideal kicks.

Let’s get right into it with a look at our top three!

Best Formal Shoes

Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day 2022: Comfortable Work Options (1)

Clarks: Oxford

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Reviews: 145

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Best All-Around

Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day 2022: Comfortable Work Options (2)

Birkenstock: Harris

  • Rating: 4.7
  • Reviews: 12

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Best Casual Shoes

Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day 2022: Comfortable Work Options (3)

Nike Men's Flex

  • Rating: 4.5
  • Reviews: 191

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Best Men’s Shoes For Standing All Day Reviews

    • Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford
    • Birkenstock London
    • Dr. Marten’s Vegan 1460
    • Nike Flex 2016
    • Birkenstock Boston Professional
  • Birkenstock Harris

1. Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford

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If you’re sick of trying out different brogues and oxfords only to find that they all kill your feet, these Clark’s are going to change your game completely. On the outside, they look exactly like a snazzy, traditional dress shoe for guys. On the inside, they’re loaded with comfortable features that are ideal for standing jobs!


They’re flexible. Unlike other leather dress options, which can be really stiff, these Clark’s have sewn gores in the uppers which allow for lots of movement without pinching. The soles are really easy to move in as well, especially compared to traditional soles.

They stay cool. Leather breathes naturally, and we really like that Clark’s have given these shoes a lighter finish that helps the natural material diffuse heat. The side gores help as well! They allow your feet to swell naturally through the day without feeling constrained.

They’re padded, and loaded with an Ortholite insole. Previous buyers said they were shocked by how good these felt compared to other oxford! That’s because they incorporate an insole material that’s normally used in running and athletic shoes, where cushion is more generous.

They’re lighter than your average rubber or wooden dress shoes, thanks to the synthetic sole material.

The other benefit of the synthetic material is great traction! Buyers loved how well these performed on slick, shiny floors. That’s super handy for corporate buildings, fancy functions, and lobbies.

Reviewers said they didn’t feel nearly as tired with these on as they had with other dress shoes. They’re extremely popular among car salesmen, bank workers, and businessmen, and the Tilden’s have a spectacularly good record for buyer loyalty. Most men who bought them came back again and again!

They look fantastic. You would never guess that the Tilden’s were so comfortable from the outside, because they look just as good as any other pair of oxfords! They have a clean leather finish, sleek profile, and elegant seams.

They’re relatively cheap. These aren’t the least expensive dress shoes on the market by any stretch, but they’re usually available for well under $100.

They last a long time. Buyers found that they could easily stand up to months and months of constant use, and they said that they only switched shoes when they finally wore down the soles. That’s compared to most leather dress shoes, which tend to come apart at the seams.


Some people didn’t like that the upper leather wasn’t as stiff as other oxfords. It does tend to wrinkle slightly below the laces, but not in a very noticeable way. As long as you keep them finished well, they should look great for a long time.

They run a bit large. Most reviewers said they ended up sticking with Tilden’s either a half-size or full-size below their usual.

They’re pointed toward the end, so those with wider feet might want to size up or look at one of our Birkenstock recommendations. Some buyers found them too narrow at the end to be comfortable, but that’ll be true of any oxford style.

2. Birkenstock London

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The London is one of Birkenstock’s most popular styles, and we think it’s a nice alternative to traditional men’s dress shoes. It’s a classy style, with an elegant leather finish and a metal buckle, but it’s a clog instead of a brogue shoe. The London is one of the most supportive, comfortable shoes we’ve ever seen, period!


It’s extremely well-made. Birkenstocks are all made entirely in Europe, and the London is no exception. It has an EVA/rubber sole, natural cork footbed, leather upper, and suede lining. You won’t find better quality control than on a Birkenstock, and you can feel the difference between the leather on a typical dress shoe and something like this!

The London comes with Birkenstock’s signature footbed. It’s made from natural cork, and it’s shaped to keep you walking healthy. There’s strong arch support, a heel cup, a metatarsal ridge, and a low heel drop. All those features support your foot’s anatomy and a proper gait. We love cork because it adapts to your own feet, while still providing a more durable support base than foams.

It’s both supportive and comfortable. Cork softens over time to provide more cushion, but the key is the pressure relief. By lining up your foot properly and supporting it anatomically, the Birkenstock footbed helps you engage your core, walk smoothly and protect your back and joints.

While the Tilden’s are padded nicely, they don’t have nearly as much anatomical support as Birkenstocks. The London is a much better choice for arch support, heel stability, and metatarsal comfort.

This is a great choice for people with problem feet. Buyers raved about how the London corrected their plantar fasciitis symptoms, and many people with chronic issues said it brought them relief.

It’s also excellent for people who have back and joint issues while standing all day, because it’s so good at promoting better posture.

People with wide feet will love the London. The clog design gives your toes much more room, and your feet will be able to expand naturally through the shift with no issues. It comes in two widths, too.

As with the Clark’s, the London’s leather upper breathes easily, and the upper also has some ventilation holes near the strap. The leather looks better than the Clark’s as it ages, too!

It’s a distinctive style. While the London might not be your average dress shoe, it’s a standout aesthetic that fits in a wide range of settings. It’s a popular choice for teachers, artists, and medical professionals.

You can replace the footbed if you manage to wear it down. Cork can easily last for a year or two of full-time wear, but if you manage to wear the footbed down before the treads, you can easily swap out footbeds to get even more mileage out of your London’s!


Some people aren’t fans of the London from a style perspective. It’s certainly wider than a lot of other choices, and some men aren’t into clogs at all. If you’re all about funky, Euro fashion, though, you’ll love these!

They’re expensive, like all Birkenstocks. You probably won’t find these available for less than $150. However, they do last a lot longer than traditional shoes.

Knock-off Birkenstocks are all over these days, so make sure you’re buying directly from Amazon or for an authorized reseller!

If you haven’t worn Birkenstocks before, be warned: cork soles are adaptive, supportive, and comfortable. But, they require wearing in. They can be pretty stiff for the first few days of wear, so be prepared!

3. Dr. Martens

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A lot of us feel boxed in by traditional “work” shoes like brogues and oxfords. We want to show a little more personality, and bring a spirit of rugged individualism to the job. Well, that’s exactly why Dr. Martens have been such a staple for years! They have the heritage of a true work boot, with a punk aesthetic and a tried-and-tested comfort factor. These vegan 1460s are the best on the market, in our opinion!


Dr. Martens were originally invented with the sole (pardon the pun!) purpose of being comfortable. The unique air-pocket sole is designed to create lots of springy cushioning that relieves pressure and returns energy to you throughout a shift.

The air doesn’t wear out, either. Foam cushioning like you’ll find in the Clark’s and other contemporary shoes will eventually crush down and become less comfortable. The only way these will lose their cushion is if you wear the soles down to the air pockets, which usually takes years!

These 1460s are the vegan model. We think they’re the better buy for a few reasons. First, if you’re an ethical shopper, it just makes sense to avoid leather. Second, for some reason, quality control seems to be a lot better on the vegan version than on the leather version these days. A lot of the leather Doc’s ship with defects, or have problems with the sole separating from the upper. A few buyers had the second issue with these, but it’s much less common on the vegan version.

They’re lighter than other combat/punk boots. That’s thanks to the air pockets in the sole, as well as the vegan upper material, which doesn’t have all the heft of leather.

They’re easy to keep clean. These boots have a glossy finish which you can simply wax to cover scuffs or other blemishes.

They’re a lot hardier than other vegan materials, too. We’ve seen lots of vegan uppers which feel cheap and plasticky, but these feel a lot like leather, only without as much scuffing or creasing. In fact, most buyers who had also owned the leather version said these vegan 1460s were the better of the two in terms of durability!

They come in two classic colors: black and cherry.

As with all Dr. Marten’s, they’re completely work-friendly. The first boots were sold to industrial workers in England, and even these vegan ones are very slip-resistant and wear-resistant to boot! They’re excellent for concrete floors and warehouse environments.


Quality control has dropped since Dr. Marten’s switched from making boots in England to making them in China and Vietnam. We’ve found that the vegan ones are actually a lot better-made than the leather ones, but they’re still not as reliable as Doc’s of the past. Some buyers find these still last for years, some find that they’re starting to separate before that. Your mileage may vary.

They’re pretty expensive for what they are, Asian-made vegan boots. That extra cost is mainly due to the brand name and fashion status. Still, since the soles last so long without any loss of cushion, they’re a very reasonable investment.

The only finishes available are the glossy black and glossy cherry colors. With the leather 1460s, there are a few more non-glossy finish options.

They have a lot of cushion, but not a lot of specific support features in the insole. If you need stronger, more orthotic support, you can easily use these with an insert.

4. Nike Flex 2016

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If you’re looking for a running shoe to wear to work, look no further than the Nike Flex 2016’s! They’re some of our favorite running shoes right now, and the minimalist, “free” design really lends itself to all-day standing jobs. We think these are excellent for anyone who’s walking all day, either around a warehouse or making deliveries. They’re a comfy, springy choice for any casual environment. Nike also makes a version of this shoe for baby boys.


They’re extremely flexible, as the name would suggest. The rubber sole has some flex grooves cut into it, and it’s extremely grippy. These are ideal for anyone who has to move around a lot at work, on ladders or just around a busy building. You won’t slip, and you won’t have trouble with your footing.

They stay the coolest of our recommendations. The Flex’s have an all-mesh upper with fly wires inside, which keep the whole thing lined up on your feet. Since it can stay in place without any leather or other solid sections, the whole upper part of the shoe is extremely breathable. You won’t have any problems with sweat in these!

The insole is removable so you can easily customize your sneaks. The included factory insert has some basic arch support and cushioning, which is good for most people, but it’s nice to be able to cater to more specific needs. As you probably know, a lot of running shoes and sneakers make it hard to change insoles. These make it super easy!

They fit like a sock, and move with you. Buyers said you could easily forget you were wearing shoes at all, since they have such a glove-like fit! They’re from Nike’s “free” running lineup, which is made up of shoes that aren’t as structured or bulky as your average running shoes. That makes them much more low-profile and versatile for work.

They’re super lightweight, too! If you find yourself feeling like your shoes are heavy, clunky, or tiring by the end of your shift, these are a much better choice! The springy rubber sole returns your energy, and since the whole thing is so light, you don’t get that tired, dragging feeling at the end of the day.

They look good enough to wear out on the town. While the Nike’s are decidedly casual shoes, they’re snappy and very current. If you’re into the athletic apparel look when you’re not at work, these could be your go-to shoes.


They’re not going to work for a formal setting.

They can wear out fairly quickly, if you use them as running shoes too. Some buyers said that the soles wore down pretty fast, after daily runs. They’ll last longer inside, and especially if you only use them for work and walking.

They have moderate arch support, but not as much as the Birkenstocks. Most buyers found it was enough, but some wanted a more supportive insole. Luckily, you can replace the factory insole if you need to.

They run slightly small. We’d recommend ordering a half-size to a full size up!

5. Birkenstock Boston Professional

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If you’re a lab worker, medical professional, or in any other career path where it’s important to have a simple, easy-to-clean shoe that fits in well with a uniform, these Birk’s are ideal! They’re just as supportive as any other Birkenstock’s, but they’ve got slip-resistant soles and a special leather upper that’s absolutely perfect for medical and lab work, or for kitchen jobs!


They’re a standard clog, but classed up. These look like a lot of different clogs you’ll see in professional settings. However, they’re much more supportive than work catalog shoes, and much higher-quality than something like Croc’s. These are extremely nice shoes for people who are on their feet all day, every day, who are sick of compromising.

Like other clogs, they have an open back to keep you cool, and a full upper to keep your feet covered.

They’re equipped with the usual Birkenstock footbed. It’s all-cork, and has a suede liner on the top to help your socks get in and out easily. There’s lots of arch support, a stable heel, and a metatarsal ridge, just like Birkenstock sandals. Previous buyers from the culinary and medical fields especially raved that these are the most comfortable shoes they’ve ever found for work. These are like the Dansko’s of the men’s world: once people buy them, they never go back!

They’re ready for any kind of workplace, thanks to a certified slip-resistant sole. Whether you’re dealing with greasy kitchen tile or a messy and unpredictable hospital environment, these aren’t going to let you down.

The leather uppers are easy to keep clean. You can just wax them, and wipe them down if they get messy. Previous buyers said theirs were extremely easy to take care of.

The simple white and black color options match scrubs, lab coats, and kitchen attire extremely well.

Most buyers find that these last for years of all-day wear. As with other Birk’s, you can swap the footbeds if they wear down.

There are different widths to choose from. Birkenstock makes these in a narrow and a standard width (which can also accommodate wide feet). They’re excellent for people who find that normal clogs and work shoes squeeze too much at the end of a shift. The footbed also makes them an ideal shoe for people with foot issues like plantar fasciitis.


They have a break-in period, like any other Birk’s. You’ll need to wear them full-time for at least two weeks before they feel truly your own.

They’re open-heeled. That’s great for ventilation, but it might not be suitable for some workplaces and dress codes.

They aren’t super cushy. Again, these have the all-cork Birkenstock footbed inside. There are softer footbed options available to swap in, but if you’re looking for lots of cushion, you probably won’t want to look at Birkenstocks in the first place. We think that for most people, it’s more important to have structure and posture support than lots of bounce.

As with the London’s, these will probably cost you $150+.

6. Birkenstock Harris

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Our last men’s recommendation for standing all day is a third style from Birkenstock. We offer it to those who love the versatile, hip look of a desert boot, but can’t deal with the lack of support you’ll find from the original Clark’s styles or other designer shoes. The Harris’s combine that classic look with Birkenstock comfort and support. It’s a perfect combo for professional settings with any dress code–casual to sharp.


They have a full cork footbed, like the London and Boston clogs we’ve included here. The only major difference between the footbed in the Harris and the ones in usual Birkenstock sandals and clogs is that the Harris doesn’t have the metatarsal ridge. It still gives you the same arch support, heel stability, and balanced gait as the others, though!

Overall, the footbed is the biggest departure from standard desert boots. It makes a huge difference in the course of the workday. Other desert boot styles don’t have arch support at all, and most have a raised heel. The Harris’s are the opposite in both departments. So, they cut out a lot of the wobble some people have when they walk in desert boots, and give you the support you need to have good posture and happy feet all day.

They’re incredibly well-made. Clark’s desert boots are still classics, but they’ve been made in Asia for a few years now, and you can feel some corners being cut. The Birkenstock boots are high-grain, hand-worked leather, with solid stitching and pretty much flawless quality control. That’s what you’d expect from something made entirely in Germany!

The soles are much better than other desert boots, too! They have excellent traction, without losing the low-profile, simple desert boot look. As buyers found, they’re equally at home at the workplace and on the nature trail.

They’re incredibly durable. One thing you’ll notice on a lot of desert boots is that they wear down awkwardly in one corner of the heel. That’s because the lack of arch support leads to a wobbly and uneven heel strike. The worse it gets, the less comfortable the shoe becomes, and the cycle spirals out of control until you need a new pair. Since the Birk’s keep you going evenly, they last much longer and the soles wear smoothly across the shoe. Previous buyers said theirs lasted for years!


They’re not as narrow through the toe as more traditional desert boot styles. That’s good news for your feet, but some people might not like the funkier, wider look.

They’re expensive. As with the London’s and Boston’s we’ve recommended from Birkenstock, these will probably cost you at least $150.


Which of these kicks should you spring for?

The Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford’s are the obvious choice for formal, executive dress codes and workplaces. They’re the snazziest of the bunch, and have the sharpest profile. However, if you find you need stronger arch support, you may want to try the Harris’s instead.

The Birkenstock London’s are very popular among teachers, medical professionals, and other people in more business casual settings. They’re supportive and very long-lasting. They certainly look nice, too, but the clog design isn’t something we’d pair with a suit and tie. They’re the comfiest shoes here though, and they’re versatile enough to fit in just about anywhere that’s not strictly executive. If you want a clog that’s a bit less “lab” than the Boston’s, these are a superb option!

The Dr. Marten’s 1460 Vegan boots are great for people who want to bring a punk/alternative sensibility to their work outfit. They have lots of springy cushion, and they definitely stand out. We suggest them for record shop employees, for example, or for people working in a warehouse. They’re not going to fit into super formal settings, though, and they definitely have a distinctive look that won’t match all dress styles.

The Nike Flex is the standout choice for men who want a casual shoe that gives them lots of bounce and flexibility. These are springy, lightweight shoes that would be perfect for anyone in a casual setting who needs to be walking or running around all day long. Don’t try to get them into a boardroom meeting, though!

The Birkenstock Boston Professional’s are the clear winners for messier, more chaotic workplaces with standard dress styles, like kitchens, labs, and hospitals. They’re easy to match to uniforms, they won’t slip, and they give you lots of support through the shift. The only downside is that they’re pretty impersonal, with just the black and white color options.

The Birkenstock Harris’s are fantastic all-around shoes for people who want one pair for working and walking in spare time. They’re quite classy, but they’re much more supportive than the Clark’s. They also have a timeless look which goes with a lot of different wardrobes. All in all, we think they’re the best shoes here!

If you’re searching for the best shoes for standing all day for men, our top pick is the Birkenstock Harris. They’re smart, perfect for the workplace and they won’t hurt your feet.

Our Top Picks For Standing At Work for Men

ModelCostFit# of Color Options
Clark’s Tilden Walk Oxford$$As expected4
Birkenstock London$$As expected5
Dr. Martens$$As expected2
Nike Flex 2016$$As expected20
Birkenstock Boston Professional$$As expected4
Birkenstock Harris$$As expected3

Buying Guide

Look for both support and cushion:

Staying comfortable on your feet all day depends on two main factors: cushion and support! A lot of people just look for cushion, but that’s only part of the pie. You need cushioning to take the impact out of your step and keep your joints happy. However, you also need support features like an arch mound and a balanced center of gravity to help support good posture and keep your feet and back happy! So, the best men’s shoes for standing all day are lightly cushioned, with lots of support in the arch and insole.

There are also a few smaller features to look for, like cooling and stretch. That’s one reason we love leather so much: it breathes and stretches as needed to accommodate the swelling and sweating your feet naturally go through over the day!

Looks count!

Remember, these are your work shoes! Make sure they fit whatever dress code and aesthetic is encouraged or enforced in your workplace.

Consider cost:

If you’re on your feet full-time, your work shoes should be something you make a real investment in! Don’t ever spend less than $50, and plan to spend up to $150 for a pair of really good shoes. You’ll be glad you did, since you’ll feel so much better and save on medical bills.


If you’re going to be wearing a pair of shoes 40+ hours every week, you need them to be super durable! So, look for real rubber outsoles or sturdy synthetics. You’ll want cork, gel, or air cushioning instead of foam, wherever you can get it. Foam is good to a point, but it tends to wear down over extended use. Overall, be prepared to spend more for a shoe that’ll give you a longer working life!

Know your feet:

Last but not least, these are your shoes, so they ought to suit your feet! Get to know your comfort preferences and needs before you shop. Do you have a chronic foot condition like plantar fasciitis? Do you feel more comfortable in clogs, or brogues? The more you can establish what’ll make you happy up front, the more you can confidently say you’re picking the right pair of shoes!

See our main guide to shoes for standing if you want even more helpful tips for finding your perfect pair!

On our main standing shoes page, you’ll also find our recommendations for women, and for anyone who has to stand on concrete all day! Check it out!

What’s Next:

Click on any of the links in our reviews to see more information about our recommendations, and to compare current prices on Amazon! Or, head over to our main shoes for standing guide to find more picks!


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