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Bryan Legend aka Bryan Seiler is a notorious crypto scammer. Currently, he runs Safuu (Sustainable Asset Fund for Universal Users).

Before that, he used to run Fitrova, Tagz Exchange and Clever Defi, all of which were rugpull scams.

Most of the investors of these projects suffered great losses because of Bryan’s rugpulls. Now, he is marketing his latest venture to gain new investors. Seeing his track record, there’s a good chance that most investors of Safuu will lose their investment.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (1)

Consider the following review a Bryan Legend Wikipedia post, as I’ll share evidence on how he ran his previous scams and why Safuu is probably another fraudulent venture:

What is Safuu? Bryan Legend’s Latest Scam:

Safuu is a financial platform with its unique token called Safuu. It runs in the Binance Smart Chain.

It offers an auto-staking protocol SAP which claims to generate 383,028,80% APY by utilizing auto compounding.

Safuu pays interest every 15 minutes. In theory, if you buy a thousand dollars worth of Safuu, you should get $3,830,454.12 within a year as long as you don’t disturb your investment.

Certainly, Bryan Legend is making some bold promises here.

Can someone really become a millionaire by buying $1000 worth of Safuu tokens? Is it really that easy?

Why Safuu is another Bryan Legend Rug Pull Scam:

Bryan Legend claims Safuu is a safe investment because it operates in the BSC blockchain. Also, he claims the investors are covered by the Safuu Insurance Fund (SIF).

Another claim he makes in support of Safuu’s safety is that it burns tokens in smart contracts which have time locks.

However, all of these claims have no substance.

Clever DeFi, the last Bryan Legend crypto scam, made similar claims. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a rug pull as he pulled out the tokens from the smart contract.

In other words, he stole the money from his investors.

The history of Bryan Legend crypto projects indicates that Safuu is just another rug pull scam. One strong piece of evidence against it is The Fire Pit.

The Fire Pit burns Safuu tokens. They should go to a supposedly dead address in the blockchain.

Usually, it happens by sending the token to an easily recognizable dead address such as: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD.

However, the dead address of Safuu is 0xaA32C984AfDfa6B95e88B8aB7faBfa65De89b98C.

This is a regular account in BSC.

Bryan Legend said that it is not a dead address as he generated it himself. However, he claims he never saved the private key and so, everyone should view it as a dead address.

Would you trust someone to lose the private key to such an important address? Particularly, when that person has a history of running rug pull scams?

More Evidence Why Safuu Protocol is a Bryan Legend Crypto Scam:

Another sign that Safuu is nothing but a scam is its token. The entire project runs on the token but there is no information on the utility of the same.

In fact, Safuu has no use at all.

It is merely a medium for Bryan Legend to run an illegal crypto scam. The website of this project doesn’t even try to make the token seem useful.

Its only purpose is to get actual money from consumers. Similarly, the smart contracts only serve as the price inflators of the token as they run various operations on the token and the blockchain.

Apart from Bryan, nobody is benefitting from Safuu. Because the token has no utility at all, its price is falling sharply.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (2)

Safuu relies on several illicit mechanisms to make itself seem legitimate. The first red flag is the extraordinary claims this project makes.

It tries to make itself seem like a financial miracle.

For a project to turn a thousand dollars into millions within a year, it must do something which nobody has ever done before.

Hence, you might question how it generates its profits.

Clearly, the answer is simple. It doesn’t.

Safuu is not a proper crypto project. Instead, it’s another Bryan Legend scam. It’s a pyramid scheme where Bryan hopes people will keep buying the token at higher prices.

Such scams create and burn tokens by using different methods hoping people will believe the prices are actually rising.

However, as soon as the initial demand starts diminishing, the project starts dying. People start chasing out and the token loses most of its value instantly.

Certainly. Safuu is awaiting a similar fate. The crypto project would either die slowly through diminishing demand or it will turn into another Bryan Legend rug pull.

When multi-billion projects (Celsius and Luna) couldn’t generate 20% annual returns, how will a “Bryan Legend crypto” project generate 383,028.80% returns?

That’s not all.

In the next sections of this Bryan Legend review, I have delved further into his past projects:

Clever DeFi – Bryan Legend’s Previous Crypto Scam

Before running Safuu, Bryan used to run Clever DeFi. Like this project, he made many bold claims about Clever to boost its value.

However, it turned out to be a rug pull scam as Bryan went away with all the profits.

What’s worth noting is Clever was not a DeFi project, no matter how much Bryan Legend claimed it was.


It did not have any financial instrument except for a smart contract which performed decentralized creation of additional token emissions and distributed them to existing holders.

I’m not the first person to point out the early signs of a Bryan Legend crypto scam as well.

Many people noticed that Clever DeFi was turning into a financial fraud.

People highlighted that Bryan Legend’s real name is Bryan Seiler. Also, he had received allegations of manipulating the prices of his tokens in his last ventures.

Furthermore, people suspected him of collapsing the prices as well.

For example, TAGZ crypto exchange was a shady platform where users weren’t able to withdraw their funds. It is becoming increasingly common for scammers to launch a cryptocurrency exchange which makes it difficult for users to withdraw. Eurotrader Is another similar platform with the same issues.

Another Bryan has launched in the past is Fitrova. There, the token price collapsed dramatically and everyone knew Bryan Legend was behind the collapse.

However, many people ignored these red flags and continued investing in Clever DeFi.

Those people lost around 95% of their investment. Later, Bryan Seiler changed his name to Bryan Legend and has now launched another shady scheme through Safuu.

How Bryan Legend aka Bryan Seiler Ran the Clever DeFi Scam:

Originally, the project created 340,000 CLVA tokens. People had invested around 726.5 Ether.

Plus, there was an additional minting of 153,000 CLVA to fill the pool of liquidity on Uniswap.

The whitepaper said the project will direct 45% of the invested 726.5 Ether to fill the pool of liquidity on Uniswap. Also, the project had prohibited withdrawals for 12 months.

Furthermore, the whitepaper said the project had directed 35% of the collected investments to marketing. The generated profits would be only 0.1% of all subsequent additional CLVA token issues which will occur every 2 weeks.

This is a prominent feature.

Basically, the project would distribute the emitted CLVA tokens automatically to the existing holders for keeping CLVA in their wallets.

Still, the whitepaper didn’t share any other product for creating or distributing CLVA tokens.

Hence, it was imperative for the project to increase the demand for CLVA tokens as they inflated further.

The only way to increase demand was to get new investors.

Certainly, the initial investors of Bryan Legend’s project felt quite hopeful.

Deceiving Investors Through Artificial Price Pump:

The whitepaper said the project would allocate 35% of its funds to marketing. However, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Bryan only spent on a few promotional articles.

Obviously, they didn’t do much and the project failed to receive the attention it needed to grow.

Maybe that’s because Bryan didn’t want to follow a legitimate path. Because he spent money on pumping the price of the tokens.

The pump started 2 days after Bryan posted the first tranche for filling the liquidity pool.

You can see it on Clever’s project chart:

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (3)

How do we know it’s a price pump?

The Artificial Price Pump of Clever DeFi

Well, if you look at some of the addresses at the start of this price pump, you’ll see the obvious patterns.

For example, the address 0x728d4df8a328a637ca93127c0a227d4504e8c3d6 purchased several dozen CLVA tokens at the start of the pump.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (4)

Then, it sold all the tokens it had.

Afterwards, it repeated the same process several times.

After a month, the address had sold all the CLVA tokens it had and sent the collected Ether to another address 0xc8b9D30E659D18977301034628422D66562fF4EF.

The receiving address was doing similar trades with CLVA.

Both of these addresses received their initial Ether from the smart contract address 0x941f40c2955ee09ba638409f67ef27c531fc055c, a multiservice address which sends ERC-20 tokens and Either to multiple addresses.

Furthermore, both of them received their funds within 4 hours.

So you can assume that both of them belong to one person.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (5)

Here’s another:

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (6)

Once the 2nd address (0xc8b9D30E659D18977301034628422D66562fF4EF) finished its trading activities, it sold all the CLVA it had.

Then, it transferred the Ether it had accumulated to another address 0x4D896429Db8692c60bfa008ea98319B344d34Bd4.

This new address was doing the same processes the last two were doing.

Moreover, it received its initial funding from the smart contract 0x941f40c2955ee09ba638409f67ef27c531fc055c, within 2 hours of other addresses.

Accounts Conducting the Scam:

Another address (0xa56F6F83601FBbaB89B1FEf2541bDd4e2c42577d) bought CLVA tokens at the start of the pump. Its trading activities were similar to the last 3 addresses I mentioned. Also, it received its initial Ether funds from the same smart contract 0x941f40c2955ee09ba638409f67ef27c531fc055c.

With more observation, you can see the addresses of the transactions where they received their funding.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (7)

Here, the address providing the Ether funds was 0x4249189dd1134952517f19ea0ccf5ccb5996a152. It sent 1.528852 Ether to 8 different addresses which also included the address 0x728d4df8a328a637ca93127c0a227d4504e8c3d6.

The other 7 addresses performed the same CLVA trades the previous addresses had performed.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (8)

Here, the source address was 0xc74a7912c228d3f671e5973d45f16230a32c5478. It sent 1.36518 Ether to 5 different addresses including 0x4D896429Db8692c60bfa008ea98319B344d34Bd4.

Again, the other 4 addresses performed similar price pumping trades I have highlighted above.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (9)

In this case, the funding source was 0x4d896429db8692c60bfa008ea98319b344d34bd4.

This address sent 1.01538 Ether to 5 different addresses. Those addresses did the same shady transactions the last few addresses were performing.

All 3 addresses I had mentioned initially were trading CLVA tokens in parallel with 14 other addresses they had funded.

These transactions inflated the price of the CLVA token artificially.

(Video) Clever Defi Rug Pull- CLVA, Bryan Legend/ Seiler, Safuu protocol, Scammer, Beware

Such artificial inflation helped Bryan Legend get away with millions.

Note that they aren’t the only addresses involved in this scam. In fact, when you look at the Etherscan for the CLVA token and its DEX section, you’ll find a ton of such addresses.

Clearly, Bryan Legend manipulated the price of the CLVA token. By doing so, he tried to make the project seem legitimate and attract new investors.

When I did a little digging, I found at least 20 addresses which were using these tactics. Keep in mind, all of these are fake addresses as they all belong to one person, Bryan Legend.

Moreover, if you’ll look into it more, you’ll realize that the list is substantially high.

Still, I decided to delve a little further.

Proof of Bryan Legend’s Involvement in the Artificial Price Pump:

I looked into the address 0xc74a7912c228d3f671e5973d45f16230a32c5478. Its transaction history shows it received funds from the TAGZ exchange, a previous project of Bryan Legend aka Bryan Seiler.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (10)

So, Bryan wasn’t running a promotional campaign on his project. Instead of doing what he promised in the whitepaper, he started artificially inflating the price of the CLVA token.

He deceived the investors to make more money for himself. In most countries, this is a textbook case of financial fraud. For example, a Malaysian firm called UBB Amanah Berhad is already facing scrutiny for misleading investors about its financial products.

Fake Holders of the CLVA Token

Let’s review the last 20 addresses. Each of them received their original CLVA from the address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 aka Black_Hole.

The project used this Black_Hole address for the initial minting of CLVA tokens for addresses that bought them through the official website.

Surely, several addresses linked to each other invested in the Clever DeFi project in an organized manner at the same time.

Moreover, at least one of these addresses had received funds from TAGZ exchange, a Bryan Legend crypto project.

This is a violation of the whitepaper.

Bryan falsified the number of investors of his project. He created an illusion that numerous people were buying CLVA tokens while in fact, he was the one buying all of them.

This is fraud.

Moreover, you can see that there were 3,232 holders of the taken at that time. However, around 2,500 holders had less than 1 CLVA, 500 had over 10 CLVA and only 280 holders had over 100 CLVA.


Cancelling Liquidity on Uniswap Exchange

Fall in the liquidity pool started in April 2021. It shrunk to around $800,000.

The drop happened because of several shady transactions. Below are 11 of those transactions:

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (11)

Above is a large transaction the address 0xe311d3d42528fa5ad87a2512402cbc2ea97a71b0 had performed.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (12)

Here, the address 0x4c23107437a5c816fe50cab4b0d3b1584fd02a01 performed a large transaction.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (13)

The address 0xf619d3a3d8439403a61115107e568ce941fd81cd carried out a large transaction here.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (14)

Here, the address 0x7969b70bf6e9878c6d1b381522dfa864afd24013 performed a large transaction.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (15)

Above is a large transaction performed by the address 0x4270946cedff3bdd3d9e446bbeb732dd8e5f88a6.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (16)

Here, the address 0x78bceae75f857d3524e56bca39a9b9d68ba1b186 has performed a large transaction.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (17)

In this case, the address 0x006f041e059d7cb8c3c2dcaaf2aef7b3f98cb935 performed a substantial transaction here.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (18)

The address 0x05d664ae1a0d11c2150971533c8322454e3a0c5f performed a large transaction here.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (19)

Here, the address 0x7aa69d9d2cb913758708a2c40e7796b7864da3f2 performed a large transaction.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (20)

Above is a large transaction of the address 0xa2793d59e78bcdcae19b6c1ee7c1e1f08487aa3e.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (21)

Here, the address 0x20f7839df2fef53f7b42865a745c8fb3c97eafd8 had performed a significant transaction.

When the liquidity drop began, Bryan didn’t clarify anything.

He claimed that he had allocated some funds from the liquidity pool for funding to future exchange listings. However, Bryan assured everyone that there was nothing to be worried about.

Bryan Legend said, “We always act in accordance with the longevity of the project while keeping the investors’ interests at the forefront”.

Surely, it was all a lie.

Deeper Look into the Shady Transactions:

Now, I’ll shed more light on the 11 addresses we talked about above. All of these addresses withdrew the liquidity before the end of the 12-month freeze period.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (22)

In this transaction, the address 0x22d72f2ed2eb80903fdd3d6776d463307785cccf distributed 3 Either between 10 addresses: 0x20f7839df2fef53f7b42865a745c8fb3c97eafd8, 0xa2793d59e78bcdcae19b6c1ee7c1e1f08487aa3e, 0x7aa69d9d2cb913758708a2c40e7796b7864da3f2, 0x05d664ae1a0d11c2150971533c8322454e3a0c5f, 0x78bceae75f857d3524e56bca39a9b9d68ba1b186, 0x7969b70bf6e9878c6d1b381522dfa864afd24013, 0x4270946cedff3bdd3d9e446bbeb732dd8e5f88a6, 0xf619d3a3d8439403a61115107e568ce941fd81cd, 0xe311d3d42528fa5ad87a2512402cbc2ea97a71b0, 0x4c23107437a5c816fe50cab4b0d3b1584fd02a01.

Moreover, I quickly found a source of funding for all the whales who provided liquidity on the Uniswap exchange.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (23)

Here, the address 0xfc41eeb6474066d66f35eaf42455499b68e21b41sent 225.06 Ether to the same 10 addresses I mentioned above.

The 10 addresses received their funds through these 2 transactions. Then, they used these funds to buy CLVA tokens and fill the liquidity pool.

Clearly, it’s proof of falsifying the number of CLVA token holders. Bryan was manipulating the number to inflate the CLVA token price.

When Bryan Legend Sold Large Quantities of Secret CLVA:

The subsequent transactions of these 10 addresses were similar. They sent the remaining CLVA tokens to the address 0xabb1a7772c78110853755db6886d930bf0e6b6b6 which sent them to 0x3742469587d18e8930d9539c9fcee6dab0be4e3e. Finally, that address sent the tokens to 0x74de5d4fcbf63e00296fd95d33236b9794016631.

Afterwards, the tokens were sold.

These addresses sold over 100,000 CLVA tokens together. As a result, the price of the CLVA token plummeted to zero.

Bryan hid his secret tokens on fake addresses and sold them subsequently. This allowed him to bring down the price of CLVA which started facing the risk of a fall as its level of liquidity was quite low.

He had transferred all Ethers (including the Ether of the 10 addresses) to 4 addresses: 0xabb1a7772c78110853755db6886d930bf0e6b6b6, 0xe3653eeb18f243399a1a606b5def547b8bd46781, 0xf9a76d28f4060f5dbb496449897cdc4a2e13812a, 0xa48ab1E23b9212A609C740E4e7f0A8DcA1c35b40.

Then, he sent all of the Ether to the HitBTC_3 address.

Also, the address has a direct transaction with Bryan Legend:

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (24)

Here is a withdrawal from the TAGZ exchange, a Bryan Legend crypto project I have mentioned before.

Additional Proof Connecting Bryan Legend to the Scam:

Moreover, the address 0xfc41eeb6474066d66f35eaf42455499b68e21b41 received ether from the Clever DeFi address 0x3cbbc1fab62896e74ef8fbd073da3ae86605e3a3. The low frequency of these transactions suggests the recipient is a part of the project.

(Video) CerTICK Leaches Scam and Rug Pull Safuu CEO Bryan Legend of $25k

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (25)
Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (26)
Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (27)

Bryan manipulated the market price of CLVA token using 0xd01b739d09cd1fd64ab6e309714ca5433e3044d7 and 0x3742469587d18e8930d9539c9fcee6dab0be4e3e.

Both of them have a direct link to 0xc9199b45ca3700debe5cbc643e0d02efd5495aac. This address had received millions of USDT and USDC deposits from those 2 addresses.

Furthermore, this address received substantial USDT deposits from the official Clever DeFi address 0xfc41eeb6474066d66f35eaf42455499b68e21b41.

The address which received millions is linked to the address 0xed8204345a0cf4639d2db61a4877128fe5cf7599. It financed the TAGZ5 token, the token of Bryan Legend’s TAGZ exchange.

When Bryan Legend Suspiciously Stopped Funding the Clever DeFi Project:

Bryan released an open letter on the website of Clever DeFi in August 2021.

In the letter, he said that the company would stop funding the Clever DeFi protocol because of financial irregularities which happened because of the fall in CLVA price.

However, it’s evident now that Bryan was the main reason behind the price crash of CLVA.

He sold hundreds of thousands of CLVAs, driving its price to nearly zero. Then, he declined to spend the money he had received from the investors on running the project.

It’s rubbish.

The whitepaper said that the funds the project received from its investors were for its maintenance. Yet, Bryan refused to spend any money on the same.

He simply decided to keep it for himself. Obviously, he scammed the investors of the Clever DeFi project.

How Bryan Legend Scammer Stole from the Investors of Clever DeFi:

Here’s a brief summary of how he ran the scam.

First, he used fake addresses to buy the tokens. This process artificially inflated the number of initial investors.

Then, he pumped up the prices of the token, making it seem more successful than it truly was.

He withdrew a large chunk of the liquidity pool before the 12-month freezing period. Moreover, he didn’t specify any reason for doing so.

Later, he sold large quantities of CLVAs he owned unofficially.

Then, he said the project can’t operate anymore and kept all of the investors’ funds for himself.

As I said before, I’m not the only person who has seen the numerous red flags. Plenty others have tried to warn people about his scams.

In the next section, I have shed light on a few Bryan Legend Reddit discussions:

Bryan Legend Reddit Discussions: Warnings and Alerts

I found a number of Reddit discussions on this crypto scammer. It was interesting.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (28)

In this post, the user has issued a friendly warning to anyone who might stumble upon Safuu protocol.

He points out Bryan scammed people with his last venture, Clever DeFi. The redditor suggests people to avoid investing in Safuu and save their money.

Then, you have other posts pointing out the same issues:

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (29)
Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (30)

Many users have pointed out the shady nature of Bryan’s various crypto scams.

Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (31)

Clearly, he has gained a lot of notoriety after running multiple crypto scams.


After seeing the extensive evidence, it’s obvious that Bryan Legend is a scammer. He makes false promises and preys on gullible consumers.

You should stay away from him as much as possible.

With Safuu protocol, he claims to offer over 300,000% returns within a year. Certainly, it’s a ridiculous claim.

If you know someone who might be interested in Safuu protocol, be sure to share this review with them. They should know the reality behind Bryan.

2.8Total Score

Bryan Legend has ran multiple scams in the crypto industry. He makes bold claims about his companies then performs a ‘rug pull’, taking with him all of the investors’ funds. His latest shady venture is Safuu.

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(Video) Safuu Scammed by Certik? - Or is Safuu the Scammer ?




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  • Ran multiple rug pull scams
  • Artificially pumps the price of tokens
  • Scams investors
  • Deceptively changed name from Bryan Seiler to Bryan Legend

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Bryan Legend- Rug Pull Scammer and Owner of Safuu (32)


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