Flug Ōsaka - Flughafen Frankfurt ab 440 € - Günstige Flüge von Ōsaka nach Flughafen Frankfurt ab 440 € - KAYAK (2023)

Positiv: "Reliable service, clean cabin"

Positiv: "Sehr attraktive und freundliche Crew. Ist nicht ohne Grund die weltbeste Airline. Würde am liebsten nur noch mit denen fliegen."

Negativ: "Nichts, schneller fliegen können die leider auch nicht."

Positiv: "Flexible seating due to only very few passengers. On time departure and arrival"

Positiv: "Amazing crew, very nice and helpful."

Positiv: "The crew professional and friendly"

Negativ: "The food was rather bland and did not live up to my expectations"

Positiv: "When the seat folded down (business class) into a bed, it gave almost a twin size bed that was flat."

Negativ: "Being in business class, I had expected the food to be better. Also, the red wines offered were only a sub selection of the ones in the menu."

Positiv: "The help desk employees who helped me rebook my flight."

Negativ: "After rushing to catch my connecting Singapore flight, their desks were closed and there wasn’t an employee in site. Given that airlines can see connecting fights it would have been great to have someone stay back to either give me a boarding pass or help me rebook! UNSATISFACTORY!"

Negativ: "The person next to me had a distinct body odor."

Positiv: "Best airline I've ever been on"

Positiv: "Always love the SIA business product on long haul."

Negativ: "This trip had a lot of minor service and cleanliness misses. But they are quibbles in the scheme of the overall great product."

Positiv: "Crew were really lovely and friendly. A bit of spacee on the plane which always helps"

Negativ: "Nothing Better than average flight"

Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew, kam immer wieder vorbei (Eco) und bot Getränke, Früchte und Chips oder mini Sandwiches an! Top!"

Negativ: "ich hatte nichts zu bemängeln einfach nur Top!"

Positiv: "Despite being a very late flight at 11 pm, the crew was courteous but not over the top, when all the passengers wanted to catch some sleep"

Negativ: "Lufthansa's short haul slim line seats become uncomfortable after 1.5 hours"

Negativ: "Great Airline. Great staff and service. Good food and drink."

Positiv: "Everything, perfect flight"

Positiv: "This was the most fabulous crew I have ever flown with on ANY flight in so many years of my travels! It was un-imaginable as to what they did, they left no stone unturned to make sure we were comfortable, fed us with awesome food every now and then. Were looked after like babies! Thank you SQ!"

Negativ: "The A380 was probably SQ's oldest one, which that was a newer plane."

Negativ: "Food could have been better."

Negativ: "without any possibility to call back. or to call again while being late, when arrived with plenty of time before departure. nobody was on the gate. when tryed to do all myself whithin minutes tsa didnt bother to speedup process and it took forever. i missed my flight literally in seconds."

Positiv: "Boarding. Timely departure"

Negativ: "Entertainment selection."

Positiv: "everything in suite class"

Positiv: "Service was excellent, always with a smile."

Positiv: "excellent - comfy plane, great service, excellent stuff."

Positiv: "Everything else"

Negativ: "Food was less than marginal"

Positiv: "The service was excellent start to finish. I found the movie selection to be excellent on the plane and the food was tasty and above average for airline food, and the seats were comfortable."

Positiv: "- sehr bemühte und aufmerksame Crew, auch in der Economy - hervorragender Sitzabstand in der Eco - Flugzeug von SQ wie üblich nicht überbucht, daher einige freie Sitze - 2x warmes Essen in der Eco - fortlaufend aktives Getränkeangebot"

Negativ: "- auch auf diesem Flug schreiendes Baby, dass den Nachtflug fast zur Hölle macht - selbst in der Business-Class konnten die Passagiere nur dann Schlaf finden, wenn sie die active noise canceling Kopfhörer aufsetzen (wer damit schlafen kann)"

Positiv: "Space in economy seat was good. Huge selection of movies. Food was tasty. On flights to Frankfurt, Singapore Airlines may want to keep more sparkling water in stock, as Europeans prefer this to still water."

Negativ: "There was a smell in the plane when I first arrived like vomit. It may have been the cleaning supplies."

Positiv: "The crew was very nice and professional and the amenities were top notch."

Negativ: "There wasn't enough leg room. My knees touched the chair in front of me the whole time."

Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"

Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"

Positiv: "Very organized"

Negativ: "Seats could be a bit more comfortable in premium economy"

Positiv: "Der Flug ist 4 Stunden später gestartet."

Negativ: "Wir haben dafür etwas zu Essen bekommen."

Positiv: "I was inpressed"

Positiv: "The flight attendants were amazing."

Positiv: "Amazing, amazing service! Great food (including Hagen Daaz ice cream) and good choice of beverages. Lots of different entertainment choices. VERY clean and well maintained aircraft. Staff is always friendly and happy...they really seem to absolutely love their job! Free toiletries in the bathrooms are an extra plus. Whenever there was a change in schedule / plans the captain informed the passengers immediately about what was going on and what would happen next."

Negativ: "The only thing that did and probably always will be AWFUL is going thru security at JFK. The T S A officials there are unfriendly, sometimes rude, never smiling and often yelling at you or even little kids or elderly people. We are travelling a lot and no other security staff at any given airport is so unfriendly and harsh. Worst thing about going on a journey."

Negativ: "Headphones didn’t work entirely for listening to movies. Had to manually hold it in."

Negativ: "Essen könnte besser sein"

Positiv: "Gutes Team"

Negativ: "Essen"

Positiv: "There was nothing to complain about..a very friendly staff, departure on time !"

Negativ: "No newspapers and magazines on board !"

Negativ: "Die Besatzung war schlecht gelaunt und hat bei Gentränkebestellung dies mehrmalls vergessen."

Positiv: "Service, food, in-flight entertainment"

Negativ: "What happened to amenity bags in Business class? Slippers and socks were at the seat and toothbrush kits were in the bathrooms and we're always re-filled."

Positiv: "The ground staff at JFK, especially Jon, were very helpful and friendly. The flight crew was also very friendly."

Positiv: "Service, friendliness of stewards and stewardesses, great menus, they go the extra mile to make you happy--- no request was a burden for them. We were in Business Class and it was full- but Service and professionalism was top-notch!"

Negativ: "Only one small issue--- why were bottles of water not already handed out and placed in the drink holders before boarding in Business. Many of us had to ask for it and they were readily given out but you had to ask or you didn't get one."

Positiv: "The A380 is an amazing plane. The flight was smooth and the engine sounds were fairly low."

Negativ: "Waiting on line to check in was more than a half hour although there were probably only 10 people ahead of me. Got a hard time on the weight of my carry-on being more than 7kg although I had to point out that my ticket allowed me two bags that were 23kg each - I had nothing to check. Eventually, when I pointed out that I could wear enough of the clothes from the carry on, they agreed to let me take it on. On board, the service was cold, bland and infrequent. The entertainment system lost sound perhaps 20 minutes into the flight."

Positiv: "Free seat next to me. Brilliant entertainment Very tasty food Excellent service"

Negativ: "Nothing! Best daytime flight to europe! And home before midnight"

Positiv: "The crew of ladies and men where so very gracious and courtly, both to the passengers and each other. My wife and I both took note that the flight attendants were "First Class" with emphasis on class. Exceptionally well groomed, but also conveyed genuine concern and helpfulness and at the same time, real workers, energetic and perky. We are bragging to all our friends about the uplifting cultural demeanor of Singapore Airlines. They should all get a pay raise. I will always remember their wonderful service when thinking about our trip to Frankfurt, Germany. Robert"

Positiv: "Service from Singapore airlines"

Positiv: "Singapore Airlines hat mich ohne Probleme nach New York geflogen und ich wurde nicht bedroht, verwirrt und verarscht und blöd angemacht!!!"

Positiv: "Comfort Great book the cook meal choices Restful Attentive service"

Negativ: "What’s there not to like about SQ"

Positiv: "Liked almost everything: newspapers, menu card, mini-toiletries bag, hot towel, food choice, ice cream, entertainment options, head sets provided (better quality than US airlines), lavatories kept clean and with less waiting time, number and friendliness of flight staff."

Negativ: "What I did not like: Boarding was slower than expected. Large plane = longer boarding time."

Positiv: "Crew was great. Food not bad for airline food . It was clean."

Fast alles perfekt! Die Lounge in Zagreb ist sehr gut. Das Boarding war schnell, die Crew sehr freundlich! Essen ausgezeichnet! Der einzige Nachteil: Internet in der Business Class ist nicht kostenlos!!!

Crew war nicht motiviert, hat Dinge vergessen, Bestellungen wurden ignoriert

Positiv: "Good crew. Nice flight. Newer equipment."

Negativ: "The transfer process was a little burdensome."

Positiv: "Best food. Best crew."

Negativ: "Extra inch of leg space"

Positiv: "Amazing crew, seats were super confortable. Overall top experience !"

Negativ: "Nothing"

Positiv: "Amazing"

Positiv: "Little things like being greeted by name when boarding, funny safety video"

Negativ: "Wasn't the biggest fan of the food"

Positiv: "The seat that I picked."

Negativ: "Running water in the bathroom"

Positiv: "Awful"

Negativ: "Flight was cancelled and rebooking dealt with poorly"

Positiv: "Crew . Food . Service was great ."

Negativ: "Every things was good ."

Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr nett und zuvorkommend."

Negativ: "Die Maschine war schon etwas alt."

Positiv: "crew was nice and helpful"

Negativ: "food quality needs to be better food quantity needs to be increased slightly food options need to be better entertainment system was ok but content was mediocre."

Positiv: "Crew, food."

Negativ: "Dulles airport - yes, not directly related to the airline but Dulles is over capacity. Some should consider BWI - Baltimore Washington International that is little further but still a good airport."

Positiv: "All the crews are awesome and very helpful, especially to the parents with young kid."

Negativ: "More variety and quality of food"

Positiv: "Yes"

Negativ: "Boarding process, and in-flight entertainment and wifi"

Positiv: "Crew was OK."

Negativ: "Seats in business class extremely uncomfortable, almost no recline. Very old entertainment equipment. Really disappointing flight given lack of comfort in business class."

Positiv: "War alles sehr gut!"

Negativ: "Nichts"

Positiv: "Nice new plane Very friendly staff Acceptable entertainment system best is that you can skip the annoying advertisements"

Negativ: "Not enough personnel to serve food and drinks, way too slow Would work faster with two crew members per trolley. Run out of food until it was my turn... Seats are stiff and can be more comfortable like Qatar as in other Planes Choice of alcoholic drinks are limited, but this seems to be an issue with Qatar It seems Qatar likes to fill up middle seats instead of using the free aisle and or window seats"

Negativ: "Low cost airline so they charge you for everything. I had to pay $159 to check a bag for a 1.5 hour flight. That nearly doubled the cost of the original ticket. By the time they charge you for everything, you don't save any money. And they even weigh every purse, backpack, handbag, etc. at the gate and start charging customers for carry on. Don't fly with these guys. And because their customers are dissatisfied, all the employees I encountered were rude."

Negativ: "3,5h verspätet"

Negativ: "I didn’t like the spicy food"

Negativ: "Food options- they start serving from front when they reach behind of plane food options exhausted. Pls ask ground catering to provide more non veg food The cabin temperature was close to freezing on the GOi-DOH international flight. No blankets provided when asked for blankets was told by the Indian air hostess on board the Qatar Airways flight that there is a shortage of blankets and they had to give children first Flight was at 3:50 am at this early tme pls provide blankets for all specially if it is freezing"

Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"

Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"

Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"

Positiv: "Super Service Super Personal Pünktlich Essen war gut Tolle Filme"

Positiv: "Last row seats are never optimal but tha flight attendants were above par!!!"

Negativ: "Wonderful people! Cannot day enough about the difference that makes."

Positiv: "Seating and comfort is great, as long as you are not seated next to a 'larger' person or a person with restricted mobility. Not a fault of Qatar airways, but probably the norm in most international flights in Economy. Food was the best of all the airlines I have flown, and the correct temperature as well."

Negativ: "Seat width could be a little better, but this is the norm, I would assume across all airlines."

Negativ: "Was war denn hier los? -Beim Boarding mindesten 35°C im Flugzeug - nach 1 Std. Flug nur noch 15°C! -nicht ann alle Kinder wurde etwas zu spielen ausgeteilt. -Kinder bekamen nicht zu erst das Essen - trotz, dass das Flugzeug nicht voll besetzt war, ware nicht alle angebotenen Speisen vorrätig"

Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal wieder sehr gut. 2: Kleines Frühstück wurde zur Verfügung gestellt wegen verpassten Flug. 3: Wurden automatisch in den nächsten verfügbaren Flug gebucht."

Negativ: "1: Nach Boarding wurde der Bus voll geladen mit Menschen fuhr aber nicht sofort zum Flieger. Wir mussten ca 20 Minuten im vollgesteckten Bus warten bis wir aussteigen konnten. 2: Flug hatte wieder spätere Abflugzeit von 30 min. 3: Meiner Meinung nach könnte bei einem verpassten Flug eventuell ein Upgrade in die Business Class erfolgen, wenn man schon Stunden am Flughafen warten muss und viel später als geplant zuhause ankommt."

Positiv: "1: Flugpersonal sehr gut und bei der Situation hilfsbereit. 2: Gekühlte Getränke wurden serviert."

Negativ: "1: Flug wurde mindestens 6 mal zeitlich verschoben. 2: Wir mussten 1 1/2 Stunden in einem ungekühlten Flugzeug auf den Abflug warten bei 30 Grad Außentemperatur. 3: Uns wurde VERSPROCHEN wir erreichen unseren Anschlussflug - haben wir nicht. 4: Gäste wurden nicht aufgeklärt warum die eine Verspätung von fast 4h zustande kommt."

Positiv: "Went out of their way to be helpful"

Positiv: "The 17hr flight went relatively quickly. Much faster than expected."

Negativ: "The long wait between flights and finding a scheduled flight before mine that I could have taken."

Positiv: "The airplane seats in economy were comfortable for the very long flights I took with Qatar Airlines. The seats had enough room between the back of the other seat. The seat reclined to a comfortable position. The seat back provided a built in head rest. The TV's in the seats were the largest I have ever seen on a flight in economy. The staff were helpful and great. The food and drinks provided were decent!"

Positiv: "Great hospitality"

Positiv: "Nothing was wow! Liked politeness of one of the airhost. She was good with good english"

Negativ: "Plane wasnt clean enough specially toilet."

Positiv: "Everything"

Positiv: "Films Service"

Negativ: "Not enough films"

Positiv: "350 von München nach Doha traumhaft. Personal auf beiden Flügen sehr gut."

Negativ: "777 von Doha nach BKK leider etwas alt."

Positiv: "It was comfortable flight with a friendly crew."

Negativ: "Baghdad is still an armpit. Doha is very nice. Kuwait not so nice. Qatar airlines has the best service I have ever had in 35 years of air travel."

Positiv: "This review is for return travel from ATL to MAA (Chennai, India) and back. Route: ATL-DOH: about 14.5 hrs; DOH-MAA: about 4.5 hrs; Likes: 1. Baggage check-in process was simple and easy. 2. Meal preferences was good - I'm a vegetarian and on the onward journey forgot to specify the meal preference but the crew had enough inventory to meat the requirements. 3. Every seat was provided with a small plastic pouch/packet/goodie bag that consisted of a eye mask (very thoughtful), pair of sock, toothpaste+brush (very thoughtful), hand cream. This was very useful and effective. 4. Entertainment - options were good and current."

Negativ: "Dislikes: 1. Online check-in wasnt easy; towards the end of the process, there is an option to email the boarding pass but this never worked. Not sure if this is something to do with the browser (tried with Firefox, Opera) 2. It would have been good, as part of the online check-in, if the users reminded to specify the meal preferences, etc. I forgot to specify the meal preferences but thankfully the crew had enough of what I wanted. 3. Take a relook at the packaging of the toothpaste tube in the goodie bag. It was sealed in such a way that it was difficult to open it w/o a sharp object. This should have been easier. 4. Seats were the worst part - poor legroom. Worst, the seat cushion is the worst. I think it was just a fabric over a metal seat with minimalist of cushion. ATL to DOH leg was the worst (and the longest leg of the trip). Unless you have open seats next to you it would be a back breaking and painful trip. Seat comfort wise, I would rate Qatar as the worst. Luckily on the return leg (DOH-ATL) next two seats to mine was empty, so was able to stretch and sleep well. DOH-MAA or MAA-DOH seating was little better (think its a older plane; newer planes have worst seats) 5. The website was damn slow while accessing from overseas. Even in the US, at times the website hangs-up, freezes or spins often. 6. Food was ok -dinner and lunch but minimalistic; I didnt see any specific breakfast menu or any coffee served separately (was part of beverage option during lunch or dinner) 7. There was no alert, communication, notification, reminder of upcoming trip via email or text, etc. Many airlines does this very often but Qatar was totally silent on it (they did have my email during checkin). Not sure why."

Positiv: "My flight from Chicago to Doha was late to come in and there was a gate agent waiting for us and two other passengers with a sign when we got off the plane. He told us that our flight had already left but he would get us on the next one. We ended up getting seats on the next flight but then were also given the option to get a temporary visa and explore Doha for the night. We opted for the comped night which included a very nice hotel and $100 in meal vouchers. We absolutely LOVED Doha and the hotel and food was fantastic! I don't think I have ever received better service from an airline or a hotel. We ended up walking around Souq Waquif and the downtown until 1am (we are two young females!) with no issue and just used Uber to get to and from the hotel. Everything was so well laid out for us! No complaints whatsoever!"

Negativ: "The crew at the ticket counter was quite rude. Our suitcases were 2kg heavier so, in front of them we opened and removed items and then they still made us go through security all over again"

Positiv: "Gutes Essen, große Auswahl beim Entertainment"

Negativ: "Entertainment Display hatte schlechte Qualität, leider seltene Getränkeangebote bei einem 12h Flug! nicht ganz so gute Beinfreiheit!"

Positiv: "Sehr nettes Personal, sehr gutes Essen! Super Entertainment! Angenehme Beinfreiheit! Immer wieder Getränke angeboten bekommen!"

Negativ: "Leider ca. 1h später gestartet, wegen technischer Probleme... aber besser am Noden gelöst, als in der Luft aufgefallen!"

Positiv: "Food OK"

Negativ: "Massive delay over 15 hours! I was shocked. Once arrived, also luggage was delayed ADDITIONAL 7 hours"

Positiv: "The kit was really helpful for the really long flight. Good service!, food was better than our previous flight"

Negativ: "Took a long time to get the trays after meals (at least 30-40mins) , didn't offer smaller snacks such as cookies between meals,"

Positiv: "Alles war hervorragend -sauber, Personal sehr professionell und Flug war pünktlich gestartet und gelandet."

Negativ: "they didn't tell me i couldn't make the flight until i got onto the check in counter. bad communication then and bad communication now too, when i am trying to rebook."

Positiv: "I liked everything. The crew was nice, there was leg room and if people wanted they could watch a movie. There was a nice small meal even though it was only an hour flight."

Negativ: "Well, I'm not exactly sure. I understand why there were many different languages for the announcements. English, Korean and Japanese. Even though that stops what you're doing on the screen, it can't really be helped, unless they know which language each person prefers in each seat and programs the message to only play in that language for each individual seat."

Negativ: "The entertainment selection was dated."

Positiv: "N/A"

Negativ: "More subtitled movies in English."

Negativ: "4 hours layover plus 3 hours delay. Horrible."

Positiv: "A380"

Positiv: "Staff friendliness, leg room"

Negativ: "No sleeping eyepatch"

Positiv: "The service was hood"

Negativ: "It was cancelled. There was no proactive communication from Kayak or Asiana about the situation. We had to cancel and rebook ourselves."

Positiv: "on-plane flight operation is very good"

Negativ: "back-office support is very poor. for example they sent me an email before the departure date in Korean only."

Positiv: "The back part of the plane was mostly empty, so I moved to an empty row and was able rto stretch out and rest. The attendants were very nice and polite."

Negativ: "I wish there were more selections of meals."

Positiv: "Staff and flight crew were all really nice, very professional and attentive. Decent range of video/movies available. 2 meals - ok"

Negativ: "Delays on both legs of flight- significant and multiple delays from jfk to icn... made the experience not so great, as my daughters 1st time flying this didn't help - and no compensation at all. Emails and notifications not in english! Not given an actual reason for flight delay. Seats VERY uncomfortable, might as well be no cushioning on the seats in economy. With such long flights you would think that an airline would want even economy to be somewhat comfortable sitting for 14hrs or more"

Positiv: "Typical airline"

Negativ: "The flight was delayed but no one was able to provide a clear answer why. The communication was horrible. 3 hr delay"

Positiv: "I always have a good experience with Asiana."

Positiv: "It's hard to get comfortable on a long flight when you are on economy. But the crew was helpful."

Negativ: "I did not like the limited choice of food."

Positiv: "charming efficient staff"

Positiv: "Business class seats are a lot more comfortable than earlier versions."

Negativ: "Service over all"

Positiv: "Services"

Negativ: "None"

Positiv: "Crew very friendly. Check in very fast"

Negativ: "Food was disappointing. Lounge in Manila was dirty"

Positiv: "Staff as usual Asiana provided superb service."

Negativ: "other passengers being obnoxious and rude"

Negativ: "Always late"

Positiv: "Delicious food."

Positiv: "Food is good"

Negativ: "Not enough movies/TV screen angle is not good when seat in front is reclined all the way."

Negativ: "Movie selection needs to get better and maybe you should add one more snack because for a 12 hours flight it wasn't enough. I was hungry at the end."

Positiv: "Checkin was easy and quick. Crew everywhere was mostly courteous. A ground crew in incheon even called my hotel to request my shuttle from his own cell phone! Excellent service, and they were all gracious and helpful till then end! There was some difficulty in coming communicating in English but still I feel we were treated well. Thank you Asiana!"

Negativ: "One thing I didn't like. My dad needed handicap assistance but he can walk, so we lined up to the side of the terminal where priority boarding will take place. As I saw crew members assisting and lining up wheelchaired passengers and approached one guy to tell him my dad needed wheelchair assistance, he dismissively looked at me and my dad and told me 'well if you want to sit on a wheelchair go sit on a wheelchair, and walked away assisting other passengers. that was so unhelpful! They were also very strict about weight AND size of carry on luggage, but inconsistently so though. With 2 kids and a handicapped dad, one of my cartons with a 'approved' tag was flagged at the gate and required to be checked in. As I didn't want any more hassle, I said yes so my daughter and I ended up with nonovernight clothes for our incheon stay."

Positiv: "Food was excellent at least some of the time. And pretty good the other times. It was also nice to get slippers/"

Positiv: "On time. Decent food for a 2 hour flight."

Negativ: "Plane a bit on the old side."

Positiv: "Decent entertainment choices. Great airfare. No delay."

Negativ: "For such a long flight, the flight attendants did not come by offering water nor snacks."

Positiv: "The crew was very kind and helpful. They always had a smile. The food was delicious too."

Positiv: "Very polite crew, modern and clean aircraft, lots of leg room, and great food."

Negativ: "Three of my four flights were delayed."

Positiv: "service and food"

Positiv: "They got the special meals right & most flight attendants were efficient."

Negativ: "Poor service! Why is Korean ground crew always in such a rush & so pushy? Much of their English lacks basic manner in civility."

Positiv: "Good service"

Negativ: "2/4 bathrooms were out of order"

Positiv: "The chair was comfortable. The flight was smooth and on time. The food was good. The entertainment was too good (although I didn't use it) The airport is good."

Negativ: "2 and half hours delay made me crazy and caused a lot of damages for the time and parking fee for my entire family, who were waiting for me at the airport!"

Positiv: "I like the food"

Positiv: "The crew was nice and friendly and efficient."

Negativ: "Business class seats don't lie flat completely and angle down so you feel like you are sliding down. Also the padding in the seats is horrible and uncomfortable. Also the entertainment is ancient!! Needs to be updated ASAP."

Positiv: "Crew was nice and competent"

Negativ: "Cabin lights went on three quarters into the flight and wouldn't go out and there wasn't enough water"

Negativ: "This flight was delayed because they sold their empty seats to other airlines and allowed for those people to make it. However, those who had connecting flights weren't able to make it and had to stay overnight in Korea. The next flight arrived 14 hours after the original scheduled flight"

Positiv: "Great flight. I was on a united flight to sf. Hideous. Fly asiana!"

Positiv: "I love the a380 airbus!!!! U also helped me with my knee needs...i needed to keep rt knee straight"

Negativ: "Got sick from veg food"

Positiv: "Excellent first experience with Asiana... The flights were on time, the flight attendants were kind and helpful, AND my vegan meal was very tasty! Will definitely be flying with you guys again :)"

Positiv: "Food was delish (esp the Korean options), and crew was very courteous. The plane going to our destination had an updated online entertainment system -- touch screen worked w/o too much effort and the control was an easy reach from in front of you but I can't say the same for the flight back which i think is an older plane."

Negativ: "I was getting sick and had fever the day i was going to fly back home. I was contemplating moving my flight but wanted to know if I could do it without getting charged (say if I had a doctor's note from the hospital) or at least how much I would have to pay... I didn't get to ask at all because (1) it was hard for me to find the correct customer service to call and (2) when I reached it, I was asked to call again as services were busy. I ended up taking the flight sick because I didn't want to rack up extra charges. Also, I find the seats pressing on to my thighs if my legs are in a relaxed position (meaning not trying to keep my knees together as if I was in a job interview). I've had to put a blanket or pillow between me and the armrests so they wouldn't hurt. Some airplanes have thinner more streamlined armrests and those have made some of my other travels more comfortable."

Negativ: "Flight was again delayed going to and coming from Manila.. Time allotted for transfers from LA to Seoul and Seoul to Manila of 1+ hr. is too short. Security is very strict which is good but you just arrived from one airline and transferring to another airline in 1 hr."

Positiv: "Crew was excellent - very kind, friendly, efficient, and provided wonderful customer service. The food was good, seats were comfortable. I'll definitely fly Asiana again, when I'm in the region."

Positiv: "Super nette, sehr bemühte Crew"

Negativ: "Business Sitz kein Flatbed, durch Schrägstellung unbequem."

Negativ: "There was no obvious way to request a special meal using the AsianaAirlines website."

Positiv: "Plane was very old, entertainment system old video and loop model; headrests not flexible, cramped quarters all round."

Negativ: "No drinks except for water were served. It was terrible."

Negativ: "The temperature inside the cabin was too hot! It was warm and hot enough that chocolate I bought at duty free before the flight was melted!!"

Positiv: "Couldn't get the seat we requested, Airlines still use dial up Credit card machine to process, unable to process C.C payment after using 3 different C.C Crew instead blamed me and ask me to use ATM to get Cash !"

Negativ: "Good everything"

Positiv: "Entertainment, crew and food"

Negativ: "Seat space"

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Bad food and bad FA"

Negativ: "It was a scary flight that I couldnt even sleep! I dont feel safe flying with China Airlines! Rude staffs, planes are shaking, food was ok, no selection of drinks (only tea and water),"

Positiv: "A Great Crew"

Positiv: "The flight"

Negativ: "Nothing everything was good"

Positiv: "Friendly and attentive flight attendants."

Negativ: "Food and quality of entertainment screen for economy."

Positiv: "Crew was very friendly."

Negativ: "There is just no room to move in those seats. We were packed in like sardines."

Negativ: "The airline ran out of meal choices before reaching row 5 of the economy class. Seat armrest were locked in place and did not pivot up to allow using the adjacent empty seat. The boarding was tedious and slow. Airline officials did not board according to zone numbers printed on the boarding pass."

Positiv: "The staff were actually very nice and possibly the only good thing about this trip."

Negativ: "The turbulence was the worst I had ever experienced in my life. Granted, I understand nothing can really be done about that but, the captains made little to no effort to inform us when we would be hitting turbulence. All he said was “Crew, take your seats.” People just had to assume we were about to hit turbulence. And gosh was it horrible turbulence. 13 and 1/2 hours and at least 7 incidences of really hard turbulence. I got no sleep at all, cause I was much to afraid to even close my eyes. I wish the capitains could have said something to calm us down. It was frightening."

Positiv: "Service & price"

Negativ: "Not much legroom for economy customers, limited entertainment & food selections"

Positiv: "Service and food is always great!"

Negativ: "3 out of my 4 flights through China Air were delayed. This was strike 3. You know its not easy having to rearrange a pick up ride ever time your flight is delayed 2 HOURS. Once, twice, fine. But three times?! Ridiculous."

Negativ: "Food was not as good as I would expect from China Air and they ran out of eggs for breakfast."

Positiv: "The air line reported 2 of my luggages as delayed and I still have not heard news on my 3rd missing luggage"

Negativ: "How can u loose a luggage"

Positiv: "Excellent service for a1:15 duration flight. The offered meal was decent. Seat was fine."

Negativ: "Seat back LCD was very small and low contrast, though no big deal on a short flight."

Negativ: "Essen ist super und ich bin noch mit einer 747-400 geflogen und das Flugzeug ist sehr gut"

Positiv: "The boarding by zones is a great way to do it and they implemented it efficiently. The crew were outstanding - pleasant, smiley and courteous and made me feel welcomed. Meals were delicious."

Negativ: "A bit cramped and not quite enough toilets in economy class. Always a long queue for the toilet."

Positiv: "The food they served was very good."

Positiv: "I liked the crew members. They were welcoming and professional. Flight fare was very good in value for waiting a few extra hours in Taipei. I could do some shopping there while I was in transit. Nice airport. The screens of my row were not working so they restarted all screens a few times. While the screens of my row worked, other rows were not working. Surprisingly no one fixed or complaint as the screens of other rows kept off from the start to the end of the flight. I felt so sorry for others."

Negativ: "Like what I said in "what I like", I think the connection of the screens/tablets had some issues. Luckily mine worked. I would be upset if my screen did not work during the entire 9 hours flight."

Positiv: "The service, the food"

Negativ: "Nothing"

Positiv: "The fact that the flight was on time the service was grate ."

Positiv: "clean.."

Negativ: "The flight came in late. Its not normal. The crew did not care much and where not nice normal.. They need a fresh look at where they are going."

Positiv: "They operate the Airbus A350, a nice very modern plane on this route"

Positiv: "The crew at ticket counter and in-flight were amazing. So polite and did all they could to make my experience enjoyable. Loved that even though I was not first class, the flight attendants offered to hang my suit up in the closet."

Negativ: "Even though it was no big deal, would have loved a usb charging outlet."

Positiv: "Enjoyed everything about my flight.Awesome service from the crew most welcoming.Plenty of leg room and comfortable seating.I have already recommend this airline to family and friends."

Negativ: "Nothing"

Negativ: "I was flying with todler and they dont have food option for kids also the menu was only left to one choice, and it's too spicy for todler to eat, so it was bad in food choice."

Positiv: "The staff was amazing and the movie options were extensive"

Negativ: "We departed much later than anticipated and I missed my connecting flight as a result - had to spend an extra 10 hours at LAX until next flight available. The food was terrible, I only ate the fruit!"

Positiv: "They work hard..They do tell the passengers to sit down while you are taxing before gate arrival. Had many people jumping up trying to get their bags while we sat in a secluded spot at LAX waiting for a gate"

Negativ: "the flight was over two hours late. Landed in LA just in time for the rush hour traffic.(4:00pm) We sat at the gate in Hong Kong for over two hours, fully loaded waiting for clearance to take off. Crew did get water for folks. As a diabetic I had brought some snacks just in case. They don't care any diet drinks and after my meal was over they brought a coke zero. You better be satisfied with water, booze, coffee or hot tea The next flight was late so we didn't miss it."

Positiv: "The inflight entertainment was okay. Changing planes in Taipei was enlivened by their funky themed lounges."

Negativ: "The first meal was horrible. Things improved somewhat after that but it made a lasting impression."

Negativ: "I dont eat pork and both meals have pork in it."

Negativ: "Waiting anoher 4 hours for a plane to leave."

Positiv: "Staff was wonderful! Very friendly, attentive and courteous! Food was good."

Positiv: "Entertainment system"

Negativ: "Narrow seats, narrow aisles"

Positiv: "Very accommodating."

Positiv: "Very disappointing because we didn't get our luggage up to now"

Negativ: "The crews were unorganized and rude. The food has no taste."

Positiv: "F"

Positiv: "Had a nice flight back from Taipei to JFK on China Airlines in premium economy. Compared to economy, I was quite happy with the comfortable far-reclining seats and more than enough leg room. My one complaint is food. I'm a vegetarian and the veg options were awful...simply not acceptable. And giving passengers the full can of soda/beverage would be nice. Most adults drink more than a shot glass worth of soda or juice. Or at least fill the cup a bit more."

Positiv: "Need more movies and newer movies"

Positiv: "comfortable seating and up to date entertainment."

Negativ: "Food was not that good."

Positiv: "Thank god I had some good movies while I was fighting for elbow room in my middle seat, that I didn't select."

Negativ: "No pre seat selection stinks.. If you wait til you are at the airport then you are screwed with a middle seat for a 12 hour flight!!"

Positiv: "Privacy, comfort, food, drinks (they even had blue label), snacks, attention to detail"

Negativ: "Sundry kit wasn't that great"

Positiv: "Flew Business and the seats and the service were excellent as expected. The food was OK. Good price for business class."

Negativ: "I booked a ticket 2 months ago and yet didn't get requested aisle seat for this 12 hours flight"

Positiv: "Entertainment"

Negativ: "Food"

Positiv: "The flight I was on was leaving at 1:45AM. It took about 15-20 minutes to check in our bags and there were about 75 people ahead of us. We didn't wait at all for TSA, just walked up and there was absolutely no line. The China airlines staff was very nice and helpful. Also, there were screens on the headrest in front of us and they had new tv shows, music and movies all for free and they even provided earphones."

Negativ: "The seats could have been a little more comfortable but it wasn't unbearable."

Positiv: "There were screens on the headrest in front of us and they had new tv shows, music and movies all for free. The flight crew was nice."

Negativ: "The seats weren't comfortable but the flight was less than an hour. The food wasn't very tasty but i think it's because it wasn't "American" food so it was just a different."

Positiv: "the one they call pork noodles was excellent lavatory at the back was clean even at the end of 12 hour flight"

Negativ: "assigned seats 71 D & E had my head shaking when turbulence hit the plane. poor leg room as expected. i will continue to complain about this however fruitless, helpless & frustrating it is"

Amazing service

I changed the flight, there was restriction from srilanka to india - airline is not allowing me to board with that ticket, i changed the ticket for my travel. Thanks!

Positiv: "Quality of food, great wine."

Negativ: "Check-in Colombo was chaotic, no supervisor on duty to help organize the passengers"

Positiv: "Crew was welcoming and considerate. Breakfast food selection was good and tasty. Entertainment system is great."

Negativ: "Old old plane with the most uncomfortable seats - hard lumbar and head support. Good leg room. It was a 3.5 hour flight, so it was manageable. Had to use my next pillow during hour 3."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Need better training."

Positiv: "Crews were nice"

Negativ: "Better movies and free internet in flight"

Negativ: "The OnAir WiFi should hv been free like Emirates for Loyalty members Better movies & other in flight entertainment"

Positiv: "Crew was great. Lots of leg room"

Negativ: "Many screens weren't working properly"

Positiv: "Lots of leg room"

Negativ: "Food. Screens weren't working properly"

Positiv: "Boarding and landing"

Negativ: "Food should be made With less spice more blend."

Positiv: "Planes and entertainment was amazing. Flight crew very good and friendly."

Negativ: "The ground staff at Amsterdam were very poor and not well organized to handle issues. Some individuals were very rude and unhelpful"

Positiv: "In economy class good enough leg space when compared to other airlines."

Negativ: "Head phones connections does not work most of the time."

Positiv: "Crew is amazing with a smile always. It was a new aircraft with nice screens and a good variety of movie selections. Service was excellent as well as the food."

Negativ: "I was denied checking in a the counter. I bought the ticket with a friends credit card and they needed to have the actual card to swipe and then only they get access to my booking. It is company policy but it is not stated when you are making the purchase the airlines website. It says so on the bottom of the ticket on the page long rules in small print. And in all honesty who reads all of that these days. The ground crew were nice enough to take me to the airlines office at the airport and figure out a solution. It took an hour and a half to sort it out and get a verification from headquarters office in Srilanka."

Positiv: "Good seats with leg room."

Negativ: "None"

Positiv: "Plenty of leg room."

Negativ: "NA"

Positiv: "Enjoyed the tasty food."

Negativ: "gaps between seats were unbearable and have to think twice whether to travel again UL 208."

Positiv: "Behavior of crew and food. The service was excellent. The flight was clean."

Positiv: "Flew a few times with UL mainly as it's part of One World and being a QR member I get additional miles and point and travel in business at affordable prices compared to QR extremely high price."

Negativ: "Need more movie options. Presently 95% movies are one or more year old."

Positiv: "Food was good, boarding efficient. Crew managed other passengers so there wasn't crazy baggage issues. Crew was friendly and very helpful."

Negativ: "Seat was crazy small! Couldn't even cross my legs."

Negativ: "Nothing"

Positiv: "overall"

Negativ: "seats are small but otherwise it is 5 star airline. love Srilankan."

Negativ: "Airport (Guangzhou) very confusing...not fault of airlines; whoever designed the airport in GZ should go back to school Flight delayed 45 minutes"

Positiv: "Uniform of the crew is nice."

Negativ: "The service specifically the transfer service. They weren’t helpful at all. I’m so turned off how the staff treated me. It is also not clear that I need to book a hotel thru the airline during my 13 hours transit. I was thrown back & forth like a ball. No help was done. How come an airline imposed such rule?! Worse part during flight I feel cold & asked for a blanket. We reached destination No blanket ever!! Not recommended. First & last!!!"

Negativ: "Die Crew stellte ihre Riesenkoffer in die Ablagen, so dass die Gäste weniger Platz hatten. Ein einjähriges Kind schrie den halben Flug. Boarding in Colombo eine Zumutung!"

Positiv: "Die Sitze in Reihe 1 haben mehr Beinfreiheit als die in Reihe 2 und 3"

Negativ: "etas schmutzige Maschine. Sehr enge Toiletten. 90 Minuten verspätet"

Positiv: "Acceptable but not exceptional as expected"

Negativ: "Unfortunately the it was a bumpy ride as most of the time the seat belt sign was on and crew had to discontinue services for a while. This was beyond airlines control. The crew did not distribute the Sri lankan landing cards onboard. This caused some confusions for first time travellers as they had to cone off the immigration queue and went to pick the card up and to complete. Some foreigners were unhappy about it."

Positiv: "food"

Negativ: "excpt food anything not good and baggage checker give trouble alot"

Negativ: "The airline needs to work on the human touch(crew). I did not understand why the immigration were questioning foreign travels for no reason. Lastly can’t reach the customer care number always gets disconnected."

Negativ: "There was no uniform procedure in the flights, crew is too lazy to perform their duties. probably the first and last flying with Sri Lankan."

Negativ: "We really appreciate your prompt response.Your customer service guidance is supportive for us."

Negativ: "Extremely small space, knees against seat in front, I am only 6 ft tall."

Positiv: "Good quality Airbus planes."

Negativ: "The Seat-Belt ON sign lit for many hours in the plane. Because of this, all Toilet door were ALSO locked for many houre as well."

Positiv: "I liked the punctuality of the flight, the courtesy of the crew, the in flight meals, the comfort and the in flight entertainment with a good choice of movies and entertainment."

Positiv: "Crew are very polite. Fast response."

Negativ: "Entertainment for movies no so much update."

Positiv: "Kayak services very good"

Negativ: "Kayak services very good"

Negativ: "No headphones were given.. No entertainment"

Positiv: "Business class on A330. Service excellent."

Negativ: "Crowd control at gate kind of chaotic. Colombo Airport rather disorganized."

Positiv: "1st time on Srilankan, it was good. Would fly again"

Negativ: "SriLankan Airport and cabin attendant behave was very poor."

Positiv: "The staff were nice."

Negativ: "Everything except the staff"

Positiv: "New aircraft from Cok - Colombo. Colombo-Doha was also good flight. Check-in and lounge at both Cok and Colombo were good"

Negativ: "Colombo - Doha flight service was not good. Delay in serving food and drinks. Food menu need to update once in three months at least. Since last six months or more it is the same food menu. Same thing with the entertainment, movies need to be updated once in six months."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "I had excess luggage and I knew I had to pay for it, I was fine with the fee they quoted. I gave them my American Express card and they did not have the facility to charge that card, how do they not have the ability to use s major credit card at the Bangalore international airport??????? They gave me such a hard time I thought they were going to kick me off the plane just because they had short coming. I had no problem paying the quated amount, since they had the short coming they were blaming me. After a lot discussion/arguments I was able to find a Visa card on me and pay for the excess luggage, but its your short coming and not mine as I had no problem paying the fees yet I was treated badly. What if I did not have a Visa card then would I have been kicked out the plane for something the bangalore international airport have problems. No one should be blamed for issues you have. I had no problem paying to fees... you had the problem that you could not use a major credit card, when there are small markets on the street that can use the American Express card. You should be able to charge people American Express card this is a large international airport with loads of expats living and traveling in and out of Bangalore I hope you look into this instead of just asking for feedback and not doing anything about it. Thanks you, Chrishanthi Fernandopulle"

Positiv: "It was on time, good collection of movies."

Negativ: "At Kuala Lumpur no place provided for rest in 10 hours transit time. Very very disappointed. I will try not to book again with Srilankan airlines"

Positiv: "service"

Negativ: "aircraft and food"

Positiv: "The methodology for offering the meal is appreciable and the menu was delicious with good quality."

Negativ: "I regret to state that there was no proper functioning of air conditioners at Colombo airport and during the taxi on the bus from Plane."

Positiv: "Service and timely"

Negativ: "Nothing bad"

Positiv: "easy check in, left on time, arrived on time, bags on time, no problems"

Negativ: "tough time - 9:50 p.m. departure, near midnight arrival after turning the time back 90 minutes,"

Positiv: "There was no entertainment as it was a short flight.had to report quite early in the morning because of airport renovation.otherwise the flight , journey and food were Good"

Negativ: "Had to wait for one and half hours to get our luggage from the belt as all gulf transit passengers who checked in later than us got theirs first and since we checked in first our luggage came last.I had onward journey for eight hours by bus and with lack of sleep the previous day it was quite tiresome."

Positiv: "Friendly staff lots of food options entertainment it was on time"

Positiv: "crew was nice. movies were good."

Negativ: "having to use bus from plane to terminal"

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