Flug Rhodos - Flughafen Frankfurt ab 117 € - Günstige Flüge von Rhodos nach Flughafen Frankfurt ab 117 € - KAYAK (2023)

Nur snacks als verpflegung angeboten. Erwarte minimum 1 warmer Mahlzeit

Leider sind die Sitze etwas ins Alter gekommen, denke wäre wieder einmal Zeit die Kabine auszutauschen.

40 min late as usual :-(

Da ich praktisch den ganzen Flug durchgeschlafen habe kann ich nicht viel dazu sagen 😁

Positiv: "2 Flugbegleiterinnen waren sehr freundlich. Aber der für uns zuständige Flugbegleiter weigerte sich leere Flaschen bei uns abzuräumen. Solch einen schlechten Service, habe ich schon lange nicht erlebt!"

Negativ: "Service an Board war schlecht. Selbst auf Bitten den Müll abzuräumen, wurde er nicht abgeräumt. Völlig unverständlich."

Positiv: "Endlich geregelter Ausstieg. Find ich super"

Positiv: "Nice crew and prompt service"

Negativ: "Crammed, narrow seats"

Positiv: "Bei diesem knappen Abstand zwischen den Sitzen sollte man die Lehnen nicht bewegen können."

Negativ: "The TVs in economy class weren’t working and it was an 8 hour flight so it would have been nice to have some entertainment during that time"

Negativ: "Vepflegung: käsesändwich nicht sehr angenehm"

Positiv: "sehr freundlich, sehr gute Service, alles in allem sehr professionell"

Negativ: "leider ging der Flug eine knappe Stunde später als geplant"

Positiv: "gut organisiert"

Negativ: "Snack war eiskalt"

Negativ: "No kiosk at airport. Even tho you have a etickst they make you print one. Which means a huge line. Whats the point"

Negativ: "Coffee on 50 min flight would be appreciated. Flight was delayed."

Negativ: "Der Informationsserivce von Kayak war die reinste Katastrophe. Ich habe keine Buchungsnummer erhalten, wusste nicht zu welchem Terminal."

Negativ: "Arrive on time Zurich"

Positiv: "ausgesprochen nette und zuvorkommende crew"

Negativ: "WiFi auf allen Flügen, mehr Informationen über die App"

Positiv: "Crew was attentive to passenger needs in a quiet way: without fanfare, did all possible to make it a pleasant, comfortable trip. In fact, went out of their way to get me a wheelchair ride to next flight, which I dearly needed"

Negativ: "First flight was delayed due to circumstances outside of airline’s control. They managed to get us there and help me with wheelchair, etc to make flight. Great service and kindness"

Positiv: "Nette Crew, wie immer. Schoggi am Ende. Bequeme Sitze."

Negativ: "Wartezeit am Gepäckband und verspätete Ankunft resultierend in 40min Wartezeit."

Positiv: "Aufmerksame Crew. Saubere bequeme Sitze,"

Negativ: "Etwas eng. Die Knie stoßen am Vordersitz an."

Positiv: "Freundliches Personal; nützliche Informationen zu Verspätungen etc."

Negativ: "Sehr wenig Beinfreiheit; Verspätung beim Abflug, Warteschleife vor Landung"

Positiv: "Great service on board, easy boarding, on time departure and early landing"

Negativ: "Seat pitch is a bit narrow and seats not as comfortable as they could be (short-haul business)"

Positiv: "Sehr nettes Personal"

Negativ: "20 Minuten Verspätung, wie fast immer ab Tegel..."

Positiv: "Flight attendants were very understanding."

Negativ: "I requested a basinet for my infant daughter and I paid a total of $98.93 extra, but on the plane they told me they didn't know anything about that and they didn't have any basinet. I called Swiss as soon as I landed, and I've told my request was sent but it was never confirmed. They also told me they will send me an email when the basinet for the return flight is confirmed. At this point, I'm not even sure what I paid the $98.93 for."

Negativ: "Verspätung"

Positiv: "Sehr freundliche Personal ."

Negativ: "Verspätung"

Positiv: "Besatzung war heute wirklich super und sehr zuvorkommend!"

Negativ: "Verspätung"

Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew"

Negativ: "-"

Positiv: "Staff, food, on board entertainment all very impressive. Great flight."

Positiv: "The bag drop off and check in went very quickly."

Negativ: "The plane was late and there was little to no communication to the passengers waiting to board the flight. Very tiring."

Positiv: "I slept with the jazz music...didn't hear a baby that was crying the whole flight..."

Negativ: "first baggage should be free.....as people travel with 15-20kg hand luggage"

Positiv: "Food was tasty. Crew was very good."

Negativ: "Legroom was horrible, and I’m 5’-7”! Ancient entertainment units."

Positiv: "Sehr freundliches Personal am Check-in"

Negativ: "Keine Lademöglichkeiten/ Steckdosen etc. Im Flieger"

Negativ: "Swiss would not let me get off at Zurich tonavoid a 6 hour layover. After the layover the flight was delayed to Malone’s a, causing me to miss my bus and making a total of 24 hours travel time. Disgusting mz"

Positiv: "The crew was superlative, and after I was stuck for an hour at passport control I found the captain waiting with my dog(in his crate) to make sure of his well being. He said he made sure he kept the climate control at 20c the whole time on the plane. You hear all these animal horror stories but this went above and beyond."

Negativ: "Duty free---The plane was not able to take credit cards because machines not working and that was the same problem on flight ZRH to BCN. The power adaptor I wished to purchase was not available nor was a 2nd umbrella. Page 90-91 of your Duty Free Magazine."

Positiv: "Service und Verpflegung an Board"

Negativ: "Der verspätete Abflug welcher sich auf 1.5 Std verzögert hat."

Positiv: "Freundliche Crew und kleine Verpflegung im Flugzeug. Dankeschön"

Positiv: "Crew members were polite and efficient. Entertainment system kept us engaged for our 12 hour trip."

Negativ: "Horrible boarding and check-in. I fly internationally for business. This by far and away was the worst experience ever. There were 2 parts to our travels. Flight from Dusseldorf to Zurich, then Zurich to Los Angeles. in Dusseldorf, SWISS oversold the plane by 25 passengers. It was unbelievable, SWISS was randomly determining who would not fly and miss their other connecting flights in Zurich. It was by shear luck that we were able to keep our original reservation. SWISS needs to realize that this type of problem is serious. I can't imagine every flying SWISS again."

Positiv: "Excellent crew and service"

Positiv: "Hilfsbereitschaft und Freundlichkeit des Personals. Das Essen war sehr gut!"

Negativ: "Worst travel experience ever and I’ve traveled the world. Red eye flight delayed for 3 hours. Missed connection flight with not a lot of options. Waited for another 3 hours to get rebooked and have to stay at Zurich overnight and only to find our checked luggage is no where to be seen. First and LAST time we fly Swiss Air!!!"

Negativ: "It was so hot in the plane and there were no air vents to keep air circulating."

Positiv: "Allgemeine Pünktlichkeit und Freundlichkeit"

Negativ: "Rollkoffer wird abgenommen obwohl ich mit diesem seit Jahren fliege. Andere werden mit grösseren Rollkoffern durchgelassen. Mehr Konsistenz bitte. Egalité! Alle oder keiner, aber keine Willkür."

Positiv: "Pünktliches Boarding, Abflug und Landung. Sehr kompetente und hilfsbereite Mitarbeiter"

Negativ: "-"

Positiv: "gut zeit, die service on board sehr nett, flugzeug sehr angenehm, alles perfekt vielen dank"

Positiv: "Flight staff was attentive and professional."

Negativ: "The food was mediocre."

Positiv: "pünktlich und professionell und zuverlässig"

Negativ: "Flugzeug Flotte alt und nicht bequem"

Positiv: "Price, availability of their ticket and they deliver a good product and the flight was on time. Excellent crew"

Negativ: "Overall this trip was a very good experience. I love Aegean and use them as much I can"

Positiv: "Crew sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit, Platz großzügig (wahrscheinlich durch Flugzeugtausch - wir saßen auf unseren reservierten Plätzen, aber in größerem Flugzeug, die Reihen wären bei normaler Planung wohl Bussiness Class gewesen)"

Positiv: "Crew nett und sehr hilfsbereit, Platz war ok"

Negativ: "I had no idea that the flight you booked me on require extra 40 euro fees for check-in luggage. To add insult to injury, the Aegean flight required check-in at a Lufthansa counter which would not accept payment for the luggage fee. I had to wait in a long line of 30+ passengers at the Aegean counter"

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Flight from Romania was delayed and when we got to Athens we had to go threw customs and security and we lost the connecting flight to crete. We were put on a different flight which that was delayed as well. When we finally arrived in crete all of our luggage’s have been lost."

Negativ: "I have taken 5 flight with Aegean airlines in the last 3 weeks & not 1 of them left within an hour of the scheduled departure time. The delays in travel were unacceptable. We were 2 hours late to take off, when we landed it took 45 minutes to get off & another 30 minutes for bags to start showing up"

Negativ: "Aegean is an excellent airline one of the best"

Negativ: "Boarding could have been handled a bit better. We were told our suitcases could not be carried on as they were too big, but we saw other passengers with luggage just as big but they got to carry it on. They didn't charge us for checking the bag which made the issue less irritating."

Negativ: "Treated like peasants rather than customers. An annoyance to the check in staff rather than someone trying to enjoy a holiday. Totally disgusted with their attitude. Can’t wait for the return leg....."

Positiv: "Crew war sehr freundlich. Eine Mahlzeit und Getränke waren inklusive."

Negativ: "Sehr geringer Sitzabstand."

Negativ: "The crew is not nice and rude. The checkin counter didnt allow me to have overweight of 300 grams. Ridiculous. At some areas of the plan the air conditioning doesn't work well."

Positiv: "Everything was perfect"

Positiv: "Roomy seats and good food"

Positiv: "Sehr sauber, pünktlicher Abflug, ruhiger Flug, Beinfreiheit und das beste: eine leckere warme Mahlzeit"

Negativ: "Flughafen Athen ist für Umsteiger unzumutbar!!!!"

Positiv: "Aegean ist immer super. Es gibt warmes Essen, Bonbons, man hat Beinfreiheit und liebe Flugbegleiter"

Negativ: "Lastminute.com"

Positiv: "Great staff, easy boarding, clean and the entire crew was well trained and professional."

Negativ: "The seat backs are hard and there is very little knee room"

Positiv: "Pünktlich gestartet und pünktlich gelandet"

Negativ: "Das Essen war ok und die Sitze bequem"

Positiv: "Friendly crew, clean and comfortable plane"

Positiv: "Flug war absolut okay. Sitzabstand beim Notausgang gut insbesondere für große Personen"

Positiv: "Flug pünktlich gelandet, essen war sehr gut. Service schnell."

Positiv: "Clean and up to date aircraft; professional, polite and pleasant flight crew; and although I fly ALOT, that may be the smoothest, softest landing I've ever had, including all the BA flights I've taken, and it's my understanding they track the quality of every landing their pilots make."

Negativ: "The boarding was kind of a train wreck, confused, delayed, etc. But that was really due to airport staff and the bus boarding, not the Aegean staff."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "The flight was delayed for more than 2 hours without having any announcement nor a reps to tell you what was going on or when is the new departure time. The aircraft is very small, old, narrow seats, delay in boarding and unboarding."

Positiv: "Love the friendly staff!"

Negativ: "Grosse Probleme beim Einchecken wgen Mitnhame einer Kohlensäurepatrrone für Segler Rettungsweste. Dies, obwohl eine Woche vorher telefonisch alles mit Ergebnis OK mit Aegaen Airline abgeklärt war."

Negativ: "Gate agents were overwhelmed and incredibly rude. We of course didn't make connection. Lost our luggage. And now waitingbto board at 4:30 am. Just avoid. I fly a lot and they have topped my list of airlines to avoid."

Positiv: "Mal wieder bestätigt: AEGEAN ist eine der besten europäischen Airlines! Angenehmer Flug, stets hilfsbereites Personal, leckeres Essen!"

Positiv: "Cheerful crew, nice snack with beer or wine, clean bathroom"

Negativ: "No inflight entertainment, but for 90 minute flight, I didn’t need it."

Negativ: "The plane has an hour delay in Rome due to rain. Although the delay is understandable, they seem to have left my luggage outside in the rain for all that time. As a result, all my clothes were wet and ruined and a few other items broke. Horrible baggage handling."

Positiv: "The service the food the crew. All good."

Positiv: "Alless"

Negativ: "Nichts"

Negativ: "Sitzabstand könnte um ein paar cm grösser sein"

Positiv: "Info per App perfekt. Personal sehr nett."

Negativ: "Sitzabstand ist ab 1.85 cm etwas knapp"

Positiv: "Pünktlich"

Negativ: "Ryanair"

Positiv: "Very professional services from your ground & plan crew"

Negativ: "Airport custom were very rude (Athens airport) No one to assist during the transit flight between Athens & CDG"

Negativ: "5 hours delay"

Positiv: "This flight was great."

Positiv: "Alle waren nett und freundlich wie immer"

Positiv: "The flight left Budapest on time and arrived on time."

Negativ: "Unbeknownst to me, I needed a boarding pass prior to checking my luggage and there was a 35 Euro fee for one piece of luggage. I did not appreciate either one of these unexpected occurrences and extra fee."

Positiv: "Accurate times"

Negativ: "Night travelling"

Negativ: "≈"

Positiv: "The CREW was very friendly and aircraft wasn't bad itself."

Negativ: "Boarding and ticket takers. 2 people checking folks in. It took over 30 minutes! @ 5 in the morning, I didn't need to stand in line for half an hour to start my day..."

Positiv: "Flugpersonal hat versucht wünsche zu erfüllen. Sehr auf Kinder eingegangen"

Negativ: "The system cancelled my seat selection for the flight together with the check in itself. I had a very hard time boarding"

Positiv: "Im Vergleich zu Billigfluglinien sticht die Star Alliance, zu der auch Aegean gehört, einfach durch ihren Service und Comfort hervor. Auf jeden Fall eine gute Wahl."

Negativ: "Negatives gibt es eigentlich nicht zu sagen. Einzig das Boardprogramm auf den Bildschirmen war etwas eintönig (kurze Eindrücke über Reiseziele von Aegean), allerdings ist das Kritik auf hohem Niveau."

Positiv: "Laut App hatten wir eine Minute Verspätung, also absolut prima durchgekommen. Der Check in ging schnell, das Warten bis zum Boarding war schnell vorbei. Das Boardpersonal war einfach sehr nett. Das Essen wahnsinnig lecker, lange nicht mehr einen so tollen Flug gehabt."

Positiv: "Der Flug war absolut pünktlich, Check in war easy und schnell, Besatzung unheimlich freundlich und das Essen wirklich super lecker inkl. Kaltgetränk, 2x Kaffee, die Zeit verging in null komma nix, immer wieder gerne!!!!"

Positiv: "Was a very punctual and smooth flight. On bord service was quick and the crew friendly."

Positiv: "Wir fliegen immer mit Aegean. Die beste Airline für Griechenland."

Negativ: "Das Essen war diesmal nicht so gut wie sonst."

They didnt let me do the check in online. That was terrible cause I was coming from another country,so I had to go oit the airport and go un again through controls. They Also made me pay more for my bag which was very light. And the personal was not so nice.

Sehr gut

Negativ: "Gut"

Negativ: "Masken"

Positiv: "Gut"

Negativ: "Ruhe"

Positiv: "Smooth and simple. Great flight!"

Positiv: "On time departure, and slightly early arrival. Everything ran smoothly. And seat spacing is quite generous!"

Negativ: "It took a while to complete boarding, mostly because of carry-on luggage, but it did not delay departure."

Positiv: "The flight experience was smooth!"

Negativ: "A little snafu at the gate with everyone's carry on luggage could have been avoided with better communication."

Positiv: "Crew was amaizing, yes, pilot was excelent, smooth landing and taking off. Great gift for kids to play onboard."

Negativ: "Online adding kids meal, no meal appropriate for kids . No usb charging for phones and tablets, only US charger. More movies and games for kids and adults. It is very little."

Positiv: "Evriting"

Positiv: "It was okay, I mean, for a short-haul flight, nothing more is required. Except for accuracy."

Negativ: "They should finally replace old ATR-72."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Manners"

Positiv: "Vorne sitzen."

Positiv: "Nothing, pretty much"

Negativ: "I was told my hand luggage needed to go to the cargo, despite it being small enough to be with me. The food was a water bottle and chips. There was more than an hour late to boarding time. The crew were not informative about what was going on. The plane made worrying noises when taking off."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "For a long flight . Your entertainment SUCKS. Never again will I fly with you guys . Ever ever ever"

Negativ: "Verspaetung 3 stunden ohne zum informieren die airserbia. Warum 6 mall beim buchung E mail angegeben? Von Kayak doch informiert."

Positiv: "Keine infos ueber 3 stundige verspaetung. Nur von Kayak infos bekomen, nicht von airserbia, mit so teuere tickets wieder."

Positiv: "Ehhhhh I was cool with certain things but nothing to like . The people who work there were nice though."

Negativ: "The selection of movies . Very poor . What entertainment?"

Positiv: "Crew was great. Seat was as expected. Could use a seat pad as they get worn out after a few years and I have to sit on my blanket so my legs don't fall asleep"

Negativ: "More movies and TV shows please!"

Negativ: "My bag making it to my destination not broken."

Negativ: "Boarding area was small for more different flights and there was not possibility to buy water or coffee or any snacks. The only one toilet seat was very dirty, smelly. During a heavy rain the baggage was not covered on the carts and baggage was wet completely."


Positiv: "Crew was very polite and helpful, seat pitch was acceptable for my height (1.92 cm)"

Negativ: "I know this was a short flight but one tiny bag of pretzels is just not acceptable!"

Negativ: "Snacks on the plane, comfort"

Positiv: "Ok?"

Positiv: "Crew is fantastik,Dana is the best"

Negativ: "Food"

Negativ: "the flight was lite more than 30 minutes. Economy class - you have to pay for the meal? Are they Low Cost Company or ? If so, just tell us like that. Prices are among the highest in the region and all you get is a glass of water and a small bag of snacks."

Positiv: "good service , everything good."

Negativ: "nothing"

Negativ: "Es kamen ungeplant auf dem Rückflug Gepäckgebühren hinzu von 60 Euro pro Koffer. Das ist unverschämt !!!"

Negativ: "Es kamen ungeplant auf dem Rückflug Gepäckgebühren hinzu von 60 Euro pro Koffer. Das ist unverschämt !!!"

Positiv: "Comfortable seats"

Negativ: "Crew attitude , allowing oversized baggage in the craft, no food service though it's not LCC."

Positiv: "Quick and short flight. Plane was clean and comfortable"

Negativ: "The way they nickel and dime their customers. Their baggage fees are ridiculous! Paid $224 for round trip ticket.... paid about $132 round trip for my luggage!!! Will never fly with them again."

Negativ: "Old outdated planes. Very little in flight entertainment- tiny selection of movies and tv shows. No ability to charge mobile devices."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "5 hours delay"

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Unable to check in online. Didn't accept credit cards forced to wait in serval lines to pay for luggage. Long waiting lines. Don't offer water on plane. No information given about luggage and being forced to pay for a seat fee. No information on connecting flights. Most uncomfortable plane and horrible experience."

Negativ: "Couldn't log in online because site wouldn't accept any of my credit cards. Got up early to check in at the airport, discovered I was logged in... After all that, the airline changed my seat without warning, moving me from the window seat I selected (and paid for) to a middle seat. Where did they get the idea I would think that was OK? Then the flight was delayed, almost missed my connection. Boarding and exiting the aircraft were zoos. Eminently unrepeatable."

Negativ: "Katastrophale Airline. Ich habe online ein zusätzliches Gepäckstück gebucht. Dieses schien allerdings am Flughafen im Netzwerk nicht auf. Da die Fluggesellschaft (Air Serbia) telefonisch nicht erreichbar war (auch auf Anfrage Flughafenpersonals wurde nicht geantwortet), musste ich das Gepäckstück erneut zahlen. Derzeit versuche ich Air Serbia wegen dieser Causa zu erreichen, um mein Geld zurückzuerhalten. Bisher leider ohne Erfolg. Darüber hinaus hat der Flug sowohl bei der Hin- als auch der Rückreise Verspätung."

Negativ: "Katastrophale Airline. Ich habe online ein zusätzliches Gepäckstück gebucht. Dieses schien allerdings am Flughafen im Netzwerk nicht auf. Da die Fluggesellschaft (Air Serbia) telefonisch nicht erreichbar war (auch auf Anfrage Flughafenpersonals wurde nicht geantwortet), musste ich das Gepäckstück erneut zahlen. Derzeit versuche ich Air Serbia wegen dieser Causa zu erreichen, um mein Geld zurückzuerhalten. Bisher leider ohne Erfolg. Darüber hinaus hat der Flug sowohl bei der Hin- als auch der Rückreise Verspätung."

Negativ: "Katastrophale Airline. Ich habe online ein zusätzliches Gepäckstück gebucht. Dieses schien allerdings am Flughafen im Netzwerk nicht auf. Da die Fluggesellschaft (Air Serbia) telefonisch nicht erreichbar war (auch auf Anfrage Flughafenpersonals wurde nicht geantwortet), musste ich das Gepäckstück erneut zahlen. Derzeit versuche ich Air Serbia wegen dieser Causa zu erreichen, um mein Geld zurückzuerhalten. Bisher leider ohne Erfolg. Darüber hinaus hat der Flug sowohl bei der Hin- als auch der Rückreise Verspätung."

Negativ: "Katastrophale Airline. Ich habe online ein zusätzliches Gepäckstück gebucht. Dieses schien allerdings am Flughafen im Netzwerk nicht auf. Da die Fluggesellschaft (Air Serbia) telefonisch nicht erreichbar war (auch auf Anfrage Flughafenpersonals wurde nicht geantwortet), musste ich das Gepäckstück erneut zahlen. Derzeit versuche ich Air Serbia wegen dieser Causa zu erreichen, um mein Geld zurückzuerhalten. Bisher leider ohne Erfolg. Darüber hinaus hat der Flug sowohl bei der Hin- als auch der Rückreise Verspätung."

Positiv: "Flug von Prag sehr angenehm, sehr gute Parkmöglichkeiten, (überdacht)"

Negativ: "Ganz schlecht die Gepäckreservierung über das Portal. Wenn man normales Gepäckstück dazu buchen möchte, (nur noch das Handgepäck ist inklusive - und hier achtet Air Serbia darauf, dass dieses nicht über 8 Kg wiegt), wird man auf eine Serviceseite umgeleitet. Dort muß man neben dem Preis noch extra Gebühren für das Dazubuchen eines Gepäckstückes bezahlen, das ist schon heftig. Dann funktionierte weder auf Hin- noch auf Rückflug dieses Dazubuchen des Koffers auf Anhieb, wir hatten zum Glück den Ausdruck der Bestätigung dabei. In Prag dauerte das Boarding deswegen für uns 10 min, zum Glück waren wenigstens die Angestelltern nett und entschuldigten sich für die Unannehmlichkeiten, in Tirana mussten wir vom Boarding unverrichteter Dinge wieder weg, zum Air Serbia Schalter und die Buchung des Gepäcktückes bestätigen lassen, und uns dann erneut hinten an der Schlange anstellen.... Das ist Service schlechtester Güte und dringend verbesserungsbedürftig. Man sollte doch wenigstens direkt bei der Flugbuchung auch den Koffer bezahlen können. Sonst dann lieber doch paar Euro mehr und die Lufthansa.."

Positiv: "Nettes aufmerksames Personal, alles ok. Flieger von Belgrad nach Tirana Airbus 319 pünktliche Flüge symphatische Alternative"

Negativ: "Flieger von Prag nach Belgrad Propellermaschine, sehr voll, Boarding bei dazu gebuchtem Gepäckstück dringend verbesserungsbedürftig"

Positiv: "Onetime and efficent"

Negativ: "I almost died without watter due"

Positiv: "Timeliness, cleanliness and comfort."

Negativ: "Inflight duty free closed too early."

Positiv: "No complaints"

Negativ: "Everything was OK"

Negativ: "No entertainment No food for vegetarians"

Negativ: "No enerertainment and no food."

Positiv: "Food is okay, entertainment is finally available (at least for mobile phones and tablets), crew is good"

Negativ: "New sits are just uncomfortable, especially in the middle."

Negativ: "Afrer a day I am still in Pittsburgh!!!"

The airline ran late and I almost missed this connecting flight to LGW. The airline didn't act very sympathetic to my situation. I wished that didn't happen as my experience I'm sure would've been much different.

The airline ran late and I almost missed this connecting flight to LGW. The airline didn't act very sympathetic to my situation. I wished that didn't happen as my experience I'm sure would've been much different.

Great leg room and very clean plane nothing could be better 😁

Negativ: "The flight was late by half an hour and I had to pay 60€ because my cabin bag was 2kg heavier than allowed."

Positiv: "Clean airplane nice pretty stewardess in short dress."

Negativ: "Probably private jet whit hot tub."

Positiv: "The crew, plane and airport was great!"

Negativ: "Part of our luggage was disassembled and not delivered to the final destination."

Negativ: "The crew might be greeting passengers onboarding."

Negativ: "Sēdvieta neērta un nepiemērota gulēšanai."

Negativ: "At least a complimentary glass of water or juice in Economy."

Negativ: "No information was avSo pick a couple up listen to this device again also right now dictation right now"

Positiv: "Good, friendly crew. Plane was quite clean, although not perfect. Smooth flight."

Negativ: "No food included in the price of my very expensive ticket, and to make it worse, I was not informed. There was no info while booking, no info while buying the ticket, no email after buying, no email from the airline, nothing. I’ve never even heard of a transatlantic flight without a meal included."

Positiv: "Very nice plane and we left on time and the flight was very smooth."

Positiv: "everything was good enough"

Negativ: "I would like a meal and drinks on the board"

Positiv: "flight crew was amazing."

Negativ: "Boarding was poorly handled by airport staff"

Negativ: "Announcement At the airport and the plane needs speak English more clearly. Thanks!"

Positiv: "Small compliment from Air France was lovely and unexpected"

Negativ: "Horrible customer support"

Positiv: "Helpful crew"

Negativ: "Nothing"

Positiv: "It was a fairly ordinary flight"

Negativ: "Our luggage never arrived at our destination, perhaps something to do with a connecting flight although there were 2 hrs 15 mins between connections. After informing Male Airport, a message was sent to Condor. No news all day. Next day lodged complaint replied they're investigating. Holiday ruined"

Negativ: "Ок"

Negativ: "Ich würde gern den Sitz bekommen, den ich gebucht und deshalb extra bezahlt habe. Am Gate hat die Mitarbeiterin mir dann jedoch ohne Rücksicht auf meine Vorabbuchung einen sehr lauten Sitz neben dem Propeller zugewiesen. Das hat mich dann schon geärgert."

Negativ: "Flight was late"

Positiv: "My checked in bag did not arrive to HEL... Nedless to say I did check the bag tag was properly labeled RIX to HEL... oh well ... bad score for Baltic Air ... truly hope to see my bag in CGK when I arrived. Qatar airways pls come to the rescue."

Negativ: "airBaltic has a terrible luggage policy for musicians. They make you pay extra if you want to bring a musical instrument on board, even a violin which fits easily into the overhead bin. It is honestly discriminatory. Will not be flying with them again."

Positiv: "Modern airplane"

Negativ: "Long delay on first flight leg Staff provided little help with transfers, made us run through airport but then decided to close the next flight anyway without the transfer passengers Next flight offered was 9 hours later, only offer was a 10EUR meal voucher - ridiculous"

Positiv: "Short, convenient, direct, value for money."

Negativ: "Not comfortable, small plane."

Positiv: "the flight started at time. the attendant were fine. but i consider this flight not as a cheap flight. therefore, it should be possible, so early in the morning to offer a coffee at least."

Negativ: "the experience on board should be improved, particularly when the flight is not different from regular airlines in terms of cost"

Positiv: "staff were polite, helpful, and efficient"

Negativ: "super small plane... had to climb a very narrow staircase into the plane... overhead bins couldn't accommodate much of anything... we weren't warned this in advance"

Positiv: "Nothing."

Negativ: "Abigail in MLA (Luqa Intl Malta), one of the sassiest and unhelpful agents I have met. Ask for payment for baggage, does something with my credit card- then tells me I need to go to another desk to pay. So inefficient. This on top of her and her gate buddy screwing around at the desk throwing things at each other. Professionalism is not here. To top it off, the plane sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes and we just about missed our connection. Dirty plane too, gum stains on carpet and dirty seats. Will not fly with these clowns again."

Negativ: "flight was delayed, missed connecting flight. new flight they gave me was also delayed, almost missed connecting flight again"

Positiv: "Quick boarding, pleasant crew"

Negativ: "Small propeller plane with very limited room, no in-flight service,"

Positiv: "They waited for transit passengers Were helpful"

Positiv: "Nice crew"

Negativ: "Please give out water for free"

Positiv: "Did not have food, so not able to rate that. Comfortable for sure! Plane ain't that big and one side had only 2 seats next to each other."

Negativ: "They delayed our flight from Gatwick to Riga with no information given to passengers. Many of us had a connecting flight with Air Baltic from Riga to Helsinki- which we asked if they will wait for us, the crew member said because the flight was also with Air Baltic, they will wait for us. We got there 10 minutes before take off, and the gate has already closed. Furthermore, we got to the Air Baltic counter, we were given 5Euro meal vouchers even though we will be staying at the Riga airport for 9 hours. Also they gave us terrible customer service attitude, which we definitely do not deserve after being delayed, and causing so much trouble on their behalf. Definitely do not recommend flying with Air Baltic again. I've never been this angry with any air line."

Positiv: "Alles war pünktlich, an Board war sogar Scooter und H. H. Baxter und es gab ein Fotoshooting mit der Besatzung :-)"

Positiv: "Ich war sehr überraschd, wie neu die Flugzeige sind und wie viel Platz es gibt."

Negativ: "Leider muss man für Snacks/Essen und sogar Trinken einen erheblichen Batzen Geld investieren."

Positiv: "Der Flug startete pünktlich und wir sind sogar 10 Minuten früher gelandet. Dieses Phänomen habe ich bei allen AirBaltic Flügen festgestellt."

Negativ: "Durch die Größe des Flugzeugs hat mein Handgepäck leider nicht in die Klappen oberhalb der Sotze gepasst. Dies war wohl allerdings auch meine Schuld, da ich sehr großes Gepäck dabei hatte."

Negativ: "Charging 30 Euros to check in at the airport is lunacy."

Negativ: "We had to pay for 3 pieces of luggage, including my hand luggage. It came to about $150 dollars. When i booked the flight, it did not indicate anything about this extra change so be ware of this. The flight itself was quite inexpensive."

Negativ: "I needed to cancel the flight a month before, and I got no refund"

Positiv: "We arrived safely. Bilingual staff."

Negativ: "The seats are worn and creek with every movement. There is very limited leg room even for someone who is short. When the person in front of you leans back it is impossible to reach your hand baggage or do anything but lay back in your seat. The landing was safe but not at all comfortable."

Positiv: "The helpful ground person at check-in."

Negativ: "This airline company looks a like person who is begging for money. First time in my life I paid for the luggage. 40 Euros!!! what for? Apparently Air Baltic has no clue about how to run a service business. Somebody has to teach them this naked reality: IN SERVICE BUSINESS YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR MAJOR MARKETING ASSETS! They don't even serve a glass of water, apparently they could not manage to integrate it in the ticket price. But they dare to get thirsty and unhappy customers on the plane. Anyways: This airline company is charging extra for luggage. And I could not see this anywhere when I was buying ticket online. If I knew I'd never buy the ticket from Airbaltic. "Not writing it clearly and visible at the time of ticket purchase" is certainly tricking and misleading us. This is a crime!"

Positiv: "Nice and helpful staff, good food (pre-ordered)"

Negativ: "To little legroom, delay"

Positiv: "Professional appearance"

Negativ: "Extra $ for the seat (quite absurd) and 40 Euros for a check in luggage."

Positiv: "Quick bag drop and security line at Riga airport. Quick boarding with all the larger suitcases forcibly checked in at no charge. On time departure. Seats are comfortable enough for a short flight."

Negativ: "(This is more of a comment on Kayak's review page than on the flight.) Haven't tried the food and there was no entertainment."

Negativ: "No fee food or beverages at all. Attendants were very pleasant. Since this is an economy airline there reallly is no complaint. Our flight was full and boarding went smoothly."

Positiv: "They did provide a 6 euro food voucher once it was clear the flight was going to be over 2 hours late. The flight and land crew did their best to keep everyone calm under bad circumstances."

Negativ: "Flight was just under 3 hours late (long enough to kill most of the day, but just under what is needed to pay compensation). First they said it was problems in Amsterdam, then problems with the plane, then traffic in Amsterdam. It was hard to tell what was true and what was avoiding penalties (it is possible that equipment issues caused them to lose their spot, and get caught in traffic delays). I hate that they charge 2.5 euros for water on the flight. Their carryon rules only allow us to take the smallest of bags (smaller than other airlines) but when I got on the plane, lots of people had medium sized carryons."

Positiv: "I was surprised by the professionalism of air Baltic employees. They dressed well."

Negativ: "Check in staff at Riga airport were rude. Check in Maine issued the same boarding pass twice, so one of us had no boarding pass. Security line was insanely long--30+ minutes! On board you pay for everything, even a glass of water. Tiny seats and the person behind me kept pushing on the back of my seat. Very uncomfortable! Will never fly airbaltic again."

Wie bei einer Billigairline alles. Business Class lohnt sich nicht. Nur der Mittelsitz bleibt frei und es gibt Essen aus dem Napf. Maschine sehr voll und alles sehr eng. beim Einchecken wollten sie 51 € für Sitzplatzreservierungen, die a) im Tarif inkludiert sind und b) hat uns Brussels Air selber umgesetzt! Trotz Silber Status konnten wir Fast lane in Berlin nicht wahrnehmen!

Noch nicht einmal ein Wasser gibt es!

Simply the best 😂🤠🤠🤠😂🤠😂

Positiv: "The crew was super nice and the seat was great"

Negativ: "For the price i got the ticket i couldn't asked for more. Thanks a Million"

Negativ: "Getränkequalität"

Negativ: "Getränke Qualität"

Positiv: "service and timing were great"

Positiv: "On board service and entertainment. The plane itself was clean and comfortable."

Negativ: "The check in process was slow and inefficient. One of our bags was routed on another flight (we’re still waiting for it). Ridiculous amount charged for chech in luggage for an international flight!"

Negativ: "Water could have been served complementary"

Positiv: "Nice crew"

Negativ: "economy seats...Space!"

Positiv: "Efficient and very nice crew"

Negativ: "90 minutes delay for departure from Brussels to Washington..."

Positiv: "The crew was amazing. Brand new airplane and service was excellent. Bathrooms were kept clean."

Negativ: "Three hour delay. Shifted all our plans and reservations. Upsetting. Made short seven hour flight a ten hour flight with sitting and waiting for three hours. We were hungry and tired and stuck. Kept getting mixed signals: to wait longer."

Negativ: "Keine Verspätung und kostenlose Getränke wären wünschenswert"

Negativ: "Gepäck Abfertigung in Hamburg absolut inakzeptabel"

Negativ: "Besser andere Airline buchen"

Positiv: "Made up tons of time en route."

Negativ: "Usual 737 narrow-ish seat issues. Turbulence, but not a problem anyone could control."

Negativ: "Delayed. Crew seemed pretty annoyed to have people aboard. Will avoid next time."

Positiv: "Attentive helpful and cheerful staff: on time"

Negativ: "Food"

Positiv: "Edficient boarding and pleasant onboard service"

Negativ: "Cleanliness of plane and limited movies"

Positiv: "The on board staff was very nice. That's pretty much the only thing that I liked."

Negativ: "Just about everything. Not only were both flights delayed, one without notice, both the check-in and boarding processes were obscenely long with no obvious reason. On board, the staff was very pleasant but took almost 20 minutes to respond to a page and I only paged them one time. The screens for entertainment had a lot of trouble reading touch for both my seatmate and I and the selections were very limited. My seat did not recline which made for a very uncomfortable flight as I had hoped to be able to sleep. They lost one of my bags and somehow still have not found it more than 36 hours later."

Positiv: "We didn’t have assigned seats, we tried to pick the night before. Anyway they sat us very near each other. It was a nice flight."

Positiv: "La atención, a diferencia de otras aerolíneas europeas se nota la sonrisa y gran atención."

Negativ: "A la hora del despegue molestan mucho con las cosas."

Positiv: "Timeliness, crew and seat space.."

Negativ: "I had problems checking in online and never could assign seats.. had to wait to check in at the booth and got random seats so my husband and I got seperated seats.."

Negativ: "My husband was rerouted through London because they said he didn't have an ETA to go through Canada. But he does have one. We have the number and Brussels Air was the one that got it for him on his outgoing trip! When I called the airline to get his route details they said he does have one and they saw that he did. So what's up Brussels Air staff? We hope you will offer some recompense for the error and the trouble."

Positiv: "nothing"

Negativ: "1,5 hour delay flight from Brussels to Venice and no service with hot tea or coffee for appologize :("

Negativ: "You have to pay for any drink and snacks in flight"

Positiv: "Nice planes"

Negativ: "My luggage was lost and I still haven't received it"

Negativ: "Food was bad. Crew was distracted gossiping. They skipped rows during meal times as they were distracted. The seats are the most uncomfortable airline seats I've ever sat in."

Positiv: "Crew. Entertainment. Food. Leg room was a bit longer than usual."

Negativ: "Lack of complimentary food - not even a snack as far as I can remember - for almost 5 hours flight. Really?"

Positiv: "Verspätet, wenig Info. Passagiere bei sehr vollem Flug unzureichend geführt, daher Ineffizient"

Negativ: "Paid extra to secure aisle seat booking, reconfirmed byne two days before flight, at check-in was reassigned to a middle seat, without explanatiob or apology. Had to be uncomfortably adamant about paid aisle seat reservation for them to put me in one of the several still available."

Positiv: "NOTHING"

Negativ: "We had to wait 1 hour inside the airplane because there was fog in Lisbon. Flight took 2.5 hours and the Fog cleared long before we landed so there was no need to wait 1 hour in the airplane where we had NO leg space at all. As compensation they could at leased given us coffee for free and not have to buy for a bloody expensive high price."

Negativ: "Rollator wurde nicht wie angekündigt am Flugzeug wieder bereit gestellt. Ansonsten alles prima."

Negativ: "The flight was late. I was late for all my possible transport"

Positiv: "Food"

Negativ: "To small of a choice to choose from. More options and also newer movies would have been better"

Positiv: "The pilot was good and made a smooth landing. The seat was comfortable enough because I had a pillow."

Negativ: "My checked luggage got lost on a direct flight. That is unacceptable."

Positiv: "Nothing"

Negativ: "Called and made a reservation directly with Air Brussels to make sure we got a bassinet seat for our infant and that did not happen. Old airplane and very bad customer service all around. Took over 2 hours to check in at 4am in the morning."

Positiv: "They had a funny safety video"

Negativ: "The flight was delayed by an hour. Not only did this mean that I didn't have a chance to rest in Hamburg, it also meant that I had to sprint to get my connecting flight which was on the other side of a huge U shaped airport."

Negativ: "Over 2 hour delay"

Positiv: "Nice equip and staff, comfortable and on-time"

Negativ: "Veg meal requested but not processed."

Positiv: "The airline insisted I check my bag because it was 2lbs over the weight, but it was an empty flight. We had a transfer in Brussels where some how the tags on the bags were not there and we were without a luggage for 5 days. I feel that the Venice airport claim was horrible as they seem to misplace luggage alot and on our transfer flight they fave us the wrong carousel. The service on the plane was great. But that was it."

Negativ: "The airline insisted I check my bag because it was 2lbs over the weight, but it was an empty flight. We had a transfer in Brussels where some how the tags on the bags were not there and we were without a luggage for 5 days. I feel that the Venice airport claim was horrible as they seem to misplace luggage alot and on our transfer flight they fave us the wrong carousel. The service on the plane was great. But that was it."

Negativ: "4 hour delay"

Negativ: "There was not enough space for our luggage so we had to carry it for the whole flight, the crew didn't even care and there were extremely rude and not nice when we asked where could we leave our luggage, they said no. The flight was delayed for 90 minutes. TERRIBLE airline"

Negativ: "Entertainment was weak. Not enough choices. There was a mixup with my food preference. it was not passed on to the flight and they did not have any vegetarian options. Not even fruits. I was even ready to pay, yet nothing."

Positiv: "On time Polite crew"

Positiv: "The confort"

Negativ: "The delay and the food. There was sand in the fish"

Positiv: "great flight... great experience"

Negativ: "...the girl in my row threw up in secret during landing"

Positiv: "SN (Brussels Airlines) took on them to organize a flight via Lufthansa. this as soon as they had the info about the strike,."

Negativ: "remained cancelled! Olympic did not bother to help or communicate. it was a flight operated by Olympic !"

Positiv: "I flew on United, not Brussels, on this leg."

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