The Curse of Bridge Hollow [2022] [TV-14] – 1.4.3 (2023)

The Curse of Bridge Hollow [2022] [TV-14] – 1.4.3 (1)Why is “The Curse of Bridge Hollow” rated TV-14? The TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board rating indicates that “this program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.” The evaluation includes an attempted kiss, many scenes of inanimate holiday decorations coming to life and threatening people followed by the people defending themselves and running away while screaming, a scene of a man attacking many skeleton creatures using a chainsaw to slash and dismember them with dust spewing instead of blood, many jump scares and screaming, discussions of spells, arguments and some mild language. Read our parents’ guide below for details on sexual content, violence & strong language.

A teenager (Priah Ferguson), who is having issues with her father (Marlon Wayans), is forced to work with him to stop mysterious forces that are making small-town Halloween decorations come alive and cause mayhem. Also with Kelly Rowland, Rob Riggle, John Michael Higgins and Lauren Lapkis. Directed by Jeff Wadlow. Many lines are chanted in Latin without translation. [Running Time: 1:29]

The Curse of Bridge Hollow VIOLENCE/GORE 4

– Eerie music plays as several outdoor and indoor scenes feature costumed humans and Halloween statues that include ghosts, witches, pumpkin-head creatures, a werewolf, zombies, corpses in metal bathtubs, angels, hockey masked nurses, killer clowns, priests, goths, Broadway characters, and a man wearing a glittery bodysuit with a cape and devil horns.
A man dressed as the devil has a séance after producing a spell book and chanting in Latin with another man and four teens; many skeletons dressed in football uniforms break a door and shatter windows to enter the house, a man with a chainsaw shouts and cuts them down bloodlessly (dust and dirt fly as he slashes through necks, shoulder to opposite hip, through the abdomens out the back, down the center of the skull to the groin and the opposite direction, and through legs and arms), and he pulls off two bone arms and uses them as nunchucks to knock other heads off until the spell book falls apart and a page falls into the lighted fireplace.
A large black spider with eight glowing red eyes comes alive, growls, and chases people throughout the film, until it falls to pieces. Three witch statues fly overhead on brooms in many scenes. Several people go to a mausoleum where a woman is buried, they have a séance and candles light themselves, and the spirit of the woman enters a man and uses him to berate and insult the group, but gives them a spell they need.
All the Halloween yard statues in a town come alive with red glowing eyes and limp to a town square as all the lights in town go out; zombie statues mumble, “Brains…, brains…,” clowns swing axes, a pirate swings a sword, a giant spider growls, a pumpkin-head spits a wide swath of fire, and a man hotwires a pickup truck decorated with a huge jack-o-lantern with sharp teeth and drives it through the crowd of statues with a teen girl in the passenger seat; many moving statues collapse and look like dead bodies, the pumpkin-head grabs the arm of a woman at her house and a man grabs her other arm, the man chants and the pumpkin-head’s misty red spirit enters a pot and is captured (the pumpkin collapses in a pile of slimy pumpkin meat), and the still moving living statues in town collapse as a teen girl uses a fire extinguisher to put out the red light in the pot and she and a man put it in a trunk, cover it with flame retardant powder, and lock the trunk; the man and the teen girl find a secret room in an attic that is filled with many large, dusty old boxes, suggesting more spirits, and they curse.
A man fires a shotgun without effect at a group of zombies as they limp and mumble, “Brains…” repeatedly; when a zombie bites his arm (there’s no blood or mark), he asks another man to shoot him, but the second man refuses, saying, “Get a tetanus shot.” A teen girl cuts four zombie heads off with a shovel, causing dirt to spew.
A teen girl hears banging and creaking in an old house and goes to the attic where she finds a secret room with an old box; she finds a jack-o-lantern pot inside the box, lights it and it later exudes a red mist that spreads across a small town and causes Halloween sculptures to come alive; we see a large rubber bat with glowing eyes screech and chases people throughout the movie and we hear that the mist is the spirit of a man that was trapped long ago as punishment.
A teen girl uses a Ouija board app in her room and the door slams shut by itself, the app causes a jack-o-lantern pot in the kitchen to light itself twice until a man puts the flame out with his fingers and yelps in pain, a bat chases him around the room and he destroys dishes and pottery when he swings a broom at it (the floor is covered with shards) until it flies outside and into a cauldron that lights itself.
Several red-eyed killer clowns swinging axes in a fun house cause a man and several teens to scream and chase them outside; the man punches a baby character in the stomach and the person in the costume removes his mask and shouts in pain, and the man then fistfights and kicks a clown, tears off its arm and beats it with the arm before escaping. A pirate swings a sword at a man and misses as a bat flies overhead screeching. Killer clowns with axes swing the weapons and chase a man and four teens; the man and a teen girl kick clowns away and the group escapes.
A woman in a rest home talks about an old woman who has a magic spell book; a flashback shows the woman as a young girl, looking at the book as a man drags a body into a swirling vortex in the air. A rest home is decorated with fake cobwebs and spiders and when a huge spider decoration that comes alive enters and growls, we see several people as they scream and run into the street; hundreds of small spiders chase the people, as well as a huge Black Death with a scythe and it roars; a man and a teen girl spray many spiders with cleaning solution to kill them and the large roaring spider captures the man on a soapy floor and they both skid, but the beast ties him up like a mummy in webbing until the teen girl uses a lighted match and spray can to make a wide swath of fire and scares the beast away.
A man says that a concussion as a child caused hallucinations of hundreds of living skeletons. A man and a teen girl argue several times. A man and a woman argue. Three teens burst out of a mausoleum and startle a teen girl who yelps. A fake corpse sits up in a metal tub and scares a man who shouts. A man screams many times when he sees costumed people. A skeleton falls out of a school closet onto a man who screams. A man falls from a bicycle but is unhurt. We see a woman spit a bite of a muffin off-screen. A woman throws a hard muffin into a man’s eye and he shouts in pain but has no visible injury.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow LANGUAGE 3

– 2 scatological terms (1 not fully enunciated), 6 anatomical terms, 21 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, crazies, nut-jobs, dumb, nitwits, ignorant, stupid, weird, freaks, fancy pants, amateurs, lame, cheesy, junk, nonsense, ridiculous, rat face, hoodlums, old stiff, old white lady, crazy white lady, clown boy, Crypt Keeper, Bozo, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Pretty Boy Floyd), exclamations (for the love of …, what the …, H-E-C-K, wow, whoo, whoa, booyah, jeepers), 8 religious exclamations (e.g. oh my God, thank God, God, Holy cow, Holy Lucifer, many instances of chanting in Latin and English). | profanity glossary |

The Curse of Bridge Hollow SUBSTANCE USE

– A woman pours a glass of wine and sips from it once, a man has a cooler full of beer bottles in his front yard and holds a bottle of beer in his hand, and a man offers a beer to another man who declines.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow DISCUSSION TOPICS

– Halloween, good and evil, small town legends, casting spells, séances, Ouija boards, evil spirits, spirit possession, belief, religion, family relationships, conflict, reconciliation, teamwork, cooperation, racial prejudice.

The Curse of Bridge Hollow MESSAGE

– The things science cannot explain still might be real.

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